Oh My God...

I have akuni's hummingbird painting posted on my Deviant Art gallery...

... and someone asked today, if it would be okay if they took a print of it to their tattoo artist. They wanted it, cherry blossoms and all, as they'd been looking for a hummingbird for a really long time...

I'm... flabbergasted and gave her my consent. I'm still bemused at the thought of someone carrying my art on their skin for the rest of their lives.
Screenshots or it didn't happen! No - seriously - I hope they send you a picture. It's quite a beautiful painting. It would be interesting to see how it translates.

There's an Anna's Hummingbird feeding outside the window here as I type - despite the snow on the ground and record cold in the area. They continue to amaze me.
I asked her to send me pictures. It will be interesting to see how it translates.

Oooo.. neat about your feeder!!