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Lots of Small Miracles Today

Lots of them. Eventhough I didn't wake up until nearly noon today. I was... exhausted, but I'm recovering some now. I feel like I'm finally over the hump of this cold.

My espresso machine died today. It's broken once and John soldered and glued its butt together two years ago, but in the last month it's just been off... and today the steam just died completely. John's been asking me for Christmas gift ideas... yeah, that's why it's a *good* thing.

We finally figured out scheduling for the trip, somewhat. Family stuff got settled.

It was Jet's last day of school. I found that painting a Christmas card-sized painting takes just as long as a regular sized one. Uhm... detailed, what? So, no hand-painted Christmas cards, sorry. *laughs* The art thingy happened. Gifts came for John and I intercepted and wrapped. Oh. I actually got him a present and I'd completely forgotten. My head is just... full of wool.

The boys took me to sushi to celebrate Jet's first day of winter break.

We're getting a flood of lovely card from everyone! Wow. I need to get mine out.. they're probably late, but maybe they'll be New Years cards. *laughs*

It snowed.

My yarn stash exploded when I looked for stuff, and I found a ton and a half of scrap fingering weight yarn as like four or five people have kind of looked enviously at the fingerless glove. *laughs* AND I found the medium weight Merino for someone that wants Korean Temple colorway in single ply worsted weight yarn. That'll be... interesting. AND I found three skeins of lace weight yarn I'm never likely to use. Hm. Should probably put them up for grabs on Ravelry.

I got to watch Samurai Champloo as I splurged early in the month as RightStuf had a sale on them, and this was my last day to watch stuff without Jet. Once my brain is back I want to get on a promised kiriban.

And I even made cinnamon rolls for tomorrow morning. Woah. For a sick woman with half a day, I did okay...

And it's supposed to be -15 F (-26 C) again on Sunday night. High of 3. Did it last Sunday and John actually wore pants to church and when he did the announcements he started with his usual introduction of himself and then added, "... and these are my long pants." It's a standing joke that he wears shorts All The Time... and everyone asks him if he even owns a pair of long pants. So he had to get up and prove that he actually did. *laughs and laughs* He liked that a lot. So his pants might come out again.

I loved it when amberley wrote, "Just as the Farmer's Almanac looks at the bushiness of squirrel tails to foretell a cold winter, modern day Longmonters look to see if John is still wearing shorts or has put on long pants..."

Exactly. Exactly. *laughs and laughs*
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