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I guess the streotype still persists despite the reality. I consider myself a gamer. My daugher is definitely a gamer. In her class though, she's the only girl who can keep the conversation with the boys about games, while she feels completely foreign to those girls who think that Hannah Montana and High School Musicals are the greatest things ever...
While not exactly into games like WOW and everquest, I play Mario and Pokemon and am looking forward to buying final fantasy for my DS... So I do consider myself a gamer, in a way. Not much of one, but a gamer nonetheless.

I think they´re right in a lot of things. What amused me a was also their take on the fact that the number of bisexuals are 5 times higher than in the 'average' population.
I think they are in part right when they say that people who are bisexual would be less gender-typical because of that. I do also think, however, that to admit to being bisexual, you have to be free of mind on gender already, which might lead to being openminded about gener-typical behaviour as well.
I guess that's the psychologist in me at work though ;)
It found that the most hard-core players are female, that gamers are healthier than average, and that game playing is an increasingly social activity.

Nawww... really?! /shocked