Merry Christmas

And Happy Holidays!

We had a Christmas Pageant that really fit our church. Two Josephs, four Marys, dozens of angels and shepherds, anyone that wanted to come up could. No scripts. A mild director who simply called for when folks should come and didn't mind when folks did or didn't or went too early. There were just the passages from Luke and carols in between.

Candles were lit and songs were song, and the story told again.

Then an offering was made for the emergency fund for retired UCC ministers, lay leaders, and clergy. And then everyone just got up and hugged each other and wished each other a Merry Christmas.

I'll wish you the same. Also that you get everything you need, give enough to feel good about it, and that you enjoy what time you can get with those closest to you. May the new year bring you more fun, love, joy, and courage than the last year.

Heh... and now I get to dive into a party with six families, their kids, and lots of gingerbread houses being made.
Merry Christmas again! I wanted to comment that that service sounds like it KICKED ASS! Seriously, anybody could participate without feeling left out? Sign me up!

And everyone hugging at the end? OMG, you've got an awesome church.

Gingerbread houses sound delish, but the fun is in making them. (I hope you guys had a blast.)
Yeah... no one gets left out and no one has a lot of stress about being in it, either. *grins* Yeah... the hugs are cool.

I think all the fun of the houses is the making of them, they don't actually taste that good, as they're made from graham crackers and store frosting, and a ton or two of candy that everyone's snacking on as they work. *laughs*

My cayanne spiced pecan topped sweet potatoes were a hit, too... *laughs*

*hugs* Merry Christmas. *grins*