Quiet New Year

Thank you, everyone who reads this, for your friendships and support of the last year. For all the friends of decades, and those whom I've made in the last year:

May your new year be wonderful: with plenty of with love, unexpected beauty, friends, cash, and joy.

And then the adventures of the day: in which we meet up with ross_teneyck, buy far too much paper, go back to George and Isabel's and have a quiet evening in.

We met up with ross_teneyck for lunch in the U District, after both of us came up with the same clever plan of meeting in the U Bookstore; but he had the much better idea of going right to a Mongolian BBQ for lunch. The weather was wetter and colder than yesterday. The little restaurant had taken residence in an old, abandoned McDonald's. The food was good and everyone got to make exactly what they wanted.

I'll admit that what I think I liked the best was the coconut curry sauce at the end of the line. Jet had a good time making stir-fried noodles with rice, and he ate everything he got. That was impressive.

Jet and John and I stuck around afterwards to see origami stuff at an import place and in the bookstore itself. The Bookstore has its Art department in the basement and they had a huge display of papers, and I kept myself to only buying what I needed; but one little box of three inch square, patterned, thick, long-fiber paper finally got me. But it was wonderful stuff, and Jet appreciated having more things to work with.

Then we had to drive around town to a few places to figure out where to recycle an old, analog TV that George needed to get rid of. We ended up at a Goodwill in BelRed by an Asian supermarket where we met up with friends we haven't seen for years in the same grocery store!

That was fun, we may see them on the 3rd. And the grocery store carried the Takahashi Gold rice for half the price of anywhere else we'd seen it.

Dinner was salmon soup that John and I made from scratch. Isabel added, through her efforts during the day, bread, salad, and lots of candlelight. Jet and Isabel and the light switch (which died on us) all conspired to light our dinner with candles. That was a lot of fun.

Jet and I shared ginger ale for our "bubbly" and Jet was so excited to actually get to stay up to see the New Year in. In the waiting time he and I made a few more modular pieces for our visit tomorrow to Bellingham, where we're going to meet up with an uncle of Jet's and his kids, so he wanted gifts to bring. There's supposed to be fireworks off the top of the Space Needle, and this house has a view that goes there as well as over Bellevue proper. With the slow drizzle that's falling now, there should be no danger of fire!

The whole family played card games until George and Isabel had to go to bed by 11, and now the three of us are up to see the fireworks on TV... as it's clouded over so solidly, that's about all we'll get to see...

*hugs* Everyone. I hope you have a great New Year!!
(hugs) Thanks. And may you and your family have a wonderful new year and year to come!
*hugs* it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I am glad things went so well for you.
It has been great!! Thanks! *hugs you back* I hope your new year is better. *grins*
The little restaurant had taken residence in an old, abandoned McDonald's.

I love the way you phrase that -- it makes it sound like the Mongolian BBQ was squatting in the ruins of a long-forgotten city :)

It was good seeing all of you again!
Drat.. is those darned poetic bits must be showing...

peers behind to tuck that back in

It was very wonderful to see you, too!! But we forgot to give you a small present that we'd intended for you, but it's not particularly mailable. *sniff* *hugs you though* Next time. *dances* But fun to just sit and be sure of your existance. *grins*
Happy New Year to you to sweetie!! Cheers and Hugs!!!

And still with all the yummy food.

Yay!! New Year!

Yeah... the salmon chowder was surprisingly easy, too... I should write that recipe down...