Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Christmas Dinner

In which we wake up late, I write down my first dreams of the year, head north to Bellingham, stumble across accidental teriyaki, do a massive amount of origami, and have Christmas Dinner, at last.

Given our late night on New Years Eve, we.. no... *I* woke up really late on New Years Day. I had a series of interseting dreams. None of this was quite in the order that I remembered it here, but the elements were there...

It was set in the castle of Wanted with the looms and stone, and in the basement were enomous books with delicately calipered pillars that rested on the books, so the whole foundation was built on enormous stories. There was a big, black man and his wife trying to feed the populations of the hungry. Two little girls followed me around, and I was taking them to the kitchen. The man and wife were the proprietors of the kitchen, so I was giving them raw rice and lentils as a donation. I followed them to the kitchens and went by a broadcast of a case. The tweleve jurors had black velvet masks over their heads, but they were on a commercial break, and John and William had their masks off and were joking, and Carl had his mask off and was fanning himself. *laughs*

In the kitchen was a crowd sharing cinnamon rolls, and the two girls went to help themselves as well, and a girl with a British accent was complaining about how little cinnamon there actually was on the rolls, but when she was asked if they should stop serving them she shook her head. "It's tradition, you should keep doing it."

So perhaps the jury of my peers are all folks that like me a lot. And we'll keep our tradition of having cinnamon rolls every week. *laughs*

Breakfast was haphazard, and I drank my pot of tea before I could wake up enough to pack for the night away. We managed, just, to get away in the car in the morning. We had a stop an hour to the north to return something at an outlet store, and right at the exit was a clean little teriyaki store called Apple Teriyaki.

It was really good, fast, and the food was piping hot when we got it. Jet had a whole, adult order of vegetable tempura and he ate nearly all of it. John and I shared a beef and chicken combo and then helped Jet and Isabel finish their lunches as well. Everything was tender and tasty.

Then we were all set to go all the way North and got to Dave's house before it got dark. A good thing, too, as they had a lot more snow than Isabel and George had, and the driveway was a bit of a slushy mess. The house smelled wonderful when we went in, as David was making a turkey, and then everyone else got busy with green beans cassarole, mashed potatoes, dressing, salad, gravy, and cranberry sauce. Yeah, the whole deal.

Jet and I made three ornaments that evening. There were more people he wanted to give gifts to, so we got them all in as we went. That was really good.

Dinner was wonderful. David, his lady Mary, and her daughter and her companion. David's son and daughter and her boyfriend were all there as well as the five of us. So a full dozen of us in a smaller kitchen and it was full, loud, and fun; and there was plenty of food for everyone and then some. Isabel had brought along a blueberry pie and a plum crisp for dessert. It was really good, and made up for our Christmas dinner of leftovers in spades.

The 20+-year-olds had a blast playing Uno with Jet. And Em said that she really loved the Beads for Life jewelry that I'd given her. So I was really glad I was wearing my bracelet. Everyone played music kind of randomly, and Jet had a blast with the "bigger kids". That was a lot of fun for him.

We all went to sleep at about 9, and were up this morning around 9. *laughs* I guess I needed to make up a little more sleep. David got waffles together for everyone. We're a little bit snowed in, but will get out in time to get to dinner tonight with Shaterri. Have to hit Mallard's ice cream and probably some other kind of lunch before. *laughs* Every meal's an adventure on this trip. It's a good thing.
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