Blue Jyuushiro

A Few Random Thoughts...

... someone's offered to translate "After Care" into Russian to put on a Russian Bleach site with links back to the original journal entry and the header. I've said yes. *grins* It's kind of flattering to be asked. Goodness.

It's odd driving by all these old soccer fields John and I used to play when we were in our early thirties and remembering how *old* I felt then playing against twenty-year-olds that had played soccer since they were five. It's odd knowing how much older I am now. And I still want to play... *laughs*

And for all those Terry Pratchett fans... tallcedars pointed me at this poignient and still very Pratchett article. Wow.
1) Yay for the translation!
2) Go! play! (or as much as you can...)
3) Thank you so much for this link. A part of me felt a pang when I realized we had lost half a book through his charity work, but hopefully his work will create larger benefit. And I'll just re-read all the books again anyway.
Yay!! I shall... I love seeing your entries from Brazil! And, yeah... a whole half a book! But there are so many others to read and reread... and it's odd to think of him dictating all his books from now on because he can't type... I know that my language through my fingers is actually quite different than my spoken language. So it's interesting to think through.
a) Whoa....DUDE. That would trip me out, but how awesome IS that?!

b) Oh Pratchett...this is why you are so well loved. Thanks for linking!
It is pretty amazing... yeesh...

You're very welcome! Yes, it is one of the reasons I love him so much...
I've had someone ask me if they could translate S&GP (one of my Weiss fics) into Russian and post it to a forum. I said yes with the provision that I see the translated version (to send to someone to check for quality). As far as I know, they've only done the first chapter but the translation was apparently one accurately. I'm still waiting on the link to the forum so I can post that to my LJ as well.
Oooo! Very neat.

Yeah... I'd probably post a link back to it when they're done, that would be fun.