Random Pictures and Jetticisms

For reasons unknown to all three of us, Jet has picked up an Outrageously bad British Accent. He's clipping his words and turning them and he's doing it without even being entirely aware of it until we start giggling.

I'll blame the Monty Python Fluxx and the fact that we played it with three different groups during our trip and whenever the "Outrageous Accent" card came up folks would enthusiastically bound into doing really, really bad accents. *laughs* But even Jet says he has no idea why he's doing it.

Last night we went to Noodles and Company and the scent of smoke lay over everything. There was a lot of take-out action going on. I ordered a "small" mushroom strogenoff as I wasn't that hungry. Jet got a "regular" buttered noodles, which is more than I can eat. For his passport, he now weighs 42 pounds and is 48 inches tall, how he gained 8 inches in a year... I guess we keep feeding him.

He ate all but the last five bites and set his fork down, "I'm full."

Then he let out an enormous burp, said the requisite, "Excuse me." And then he suddenly brightened and said, "Hey! Now I have room for more!"

And then ate the last of his noodles. *laughs and laughs*

He's been eating adult sized meals through the vacation and beyond now. He's either stocking up for another growth spurt or is just feeding the one he's on.

But pictures from Samurai Noodle:
The Boys with Their NoodlesMy Bowl of Samurai Noodles

Jet ate the entire, adult-sized, bowl of noodles with no toppings. The bowl pictured was my own bowl of noodles. *happy sigh*

The Experiment with Wallpaper Paste:
A Very Few Cards

Click if you want more detail. It was an interesting experiment and I have to do more of that... the small paintings were really interesting to do.

Three Origami Ornaments by both Jet and I:
Special paper Chrysanthemum OrigamiCherry Blossom DiceOrange Dice Origami

We got gradually more and more complicated. Started with the relatively simple chrysanthemum setup and ended up with the dice frames with a central flower "stopper". The stopper on the last, orange one, has 22 pre-folds before the first fold is set. It'll probably give you some indication of Jet's level of concentration in that he really enjoys that one. Goodness.

And last but not least:
Buddhathumper's Dye Job

Yeah, I'm dyeing again. But this time I'll get to spin it, too... Worsted Single plies (headdesks) of Merino. It's going to be good and fast. *smiles* But I'll get to remember how to set a spin again. This is the merino I'd saved for lace, but have to admit that I don't really like knitting lace anymore, what with my hands. So I'm finally using some of the pounds I have for someone that really *wants* merino single plies. They're going to give me art in return, so I'm really pleased about that.
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Hehehe, that sounds so cuuuute! Yeah, blame it all on Monty Python. It happens. My daughter and I do that. Speaking with accent is such fun and once it gets into you, you don't realize you're doing it or can't stop at will for some reason... XD
Yay dyeing! Yay Jet! Yay cards - those look really nice! I like the mounted look.
The origami is fun. The cards are utterly *lovely*. My favourites are both bamboo - the one that's top left in the picture, and the one that's center bottom - both of which are next to gorgeous flowers as well.
Thank you!! Yeah... I like those bamboo ones, too... and the flowers were fun and not too frustrating this time. I need to do more birds. Hm... *grins*

Yes! Origami is fun and we're spending a lot of time after school on it. *smiles*
The paintings are really pretty. You've come far fast in doing those (from when I first saw you wibbling over getting everything just so). I like the bamboo on the bottom right and the butterfly with the orchid at the top right. That splash of colour is just wonderful.

The dyed wool looks interesting. Is it going to stay that vibrant or is that because it's still setting/wet? That shade of blue looks gorgeous.
*grins* It's fun to see that improvement actually works. And, yeah, it's a lot easier now than before to just paint 'em.

It's still wet in that picture, and the roving was pretty thick, so not all the color saturated through all the wool, so it's a little paler than in the picture. Plus, since it is just wool and no silk, it didn't come out quite as brilliantly as the partially silk yarn.

I do love that shade of blue.
Josh loves the Outrageous Fake Accent, too. I'm not sure exactly what his fake accent is, but it includes the most adorable trilled R's in it.

We need to teach them more songs, so they won't keep playing Stop that! No singing! :)

And those cards are gorgeous! I love your flowers.
*giggles* It's amazing how many rules are chucked more from embarrassment than need...

Thanks about the cards! I'm having fun thinking about doing more of them.
Oh, the cards are gorgeous! Whatever is the red flower?
Fuschias! *smiles* Though in red and yellow instead of the usual fuschia and purple... I love them they're so bright!
Thanks!! I'm glad that you like them! And the food was quite good. *happy sigh*
It's quite possible. I get a sloppy brittish accent whenever I watch dr. Who... <3 Jet is the cutest!
*laughs* Oh Jet is just so adorable.

My boys both do that with eating as well when they're getting ready to make me broke with new clothes. XD