Should Be Done

The Boulder firefighters only lost two structures, no homes, but 11,000 had recommended evacuation notices, and about 1400 acres of mostly grasslands burned. All to the south of us and it stayed south as the winds were going southwest.

There isn't any smoke in the air today, and they're hoping to have it all out tonight. The winds died down this morning, and picked up again this afternoon, but the resulting small fires were quickly contained. Folks are going back home. A lot of stock was taken to the Boulder County Fairground for the evacuation, luckily they have the stalls and everything for cattle and horses and sheep. *grins*

So we're good and safe. *hugs folks for worrying* Thanks!
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Wow! I just read your other post too! That must have been really freaky. Does this happen a lot?

Also, really glad you're safe.
Well, the winds happen a lot. The fires usually happen in the summer, so this was a little freaky that way. It's been such a dry winter, that's what bothers me mildly. We should have had more snow on the foothills and a bit more water in the trees.

As it was, the junipers went up like matchsticks.

And we're really glad of that, too...
Thanks for letting us know that things were settling. I have another friend in Longmont that I'm not in good contact with, so I'm reasonably assured that she's OK too, then.
Yeah.. she should be fine. Most of the fire was in north-west Boulder up in the foothills.... so missed Longmont almost entirely. But the kids were pretty disturbed at our school, as it's the Western most school. But things worked out. Whew.
Thanks!! Yay! We are. It was good to know when you could get off your hill, too... I expect the flooding hasn't affected you too much?
Oh my goodness I had no idea it was that close to you. I'm so happy everyone is safe and that it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.