Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Yarn Porn

I should probably cross-post there... hm... been a while...

First the dried roving, both balled and thinned a bit. You can see the way the colors blend together a bit when it's thinned, and there's that fascinating part where all three colors kind of mixed at various levels on the right on the thinned picture.

The RovingThinned Roving

Next, on the spool, so you can get some idea of how much length there is for some of the transitions. The candy striping is pretty fun.

On the Spool

Okay... I'll admit to the fact that I often, conceptually, dislike worsted singles because I'm lazy and I have to BLOCK them. They kink up a bit if I don't do that, and pill worse if the spin isn't set. So I did the normal hot water set and then blocked it with a bucket with some water already in it. Here's the yarn while blocking:


And miracle of miracles, the skein didn't twist at ALL when it dried. (Which means that the yarn likely won't bias when being knit, and the blocking held, and the wool has settled in the twist of the yarn.) Here's the yarn porn shot:

The other endOne end

Tags: dyeing, spinning, yarn
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