Yarn Porn

I should probably cross-post there... hm... been a while...

First the dried roving, both balled and thinned a bit. You can see the way the colors blend together a bit when it's thinned, and there's that fascinating part where all three colors kind of mixed at various levels on the right on the thinned picture.

The RovingThinned Roving

Next, on the spool, so you can get some idea of how much length there is for some of the transitions. The candy striping is pretty fun.

On the Spool

Okay... I'll admit to the fact that I often, conceptually, dislike worsted singles because I'm lazy and I have to BLOCK them. They kink up a bit if I don't do that, and pill worse if the spin isn't set. So I did the normal hot water set and then blocked it with a bucket with some water already in it. Here's the yarn while blocking:


And miracle of miracles, the skein didn't twist at ALL when it dried. (Which means that the yarn likely won't bias when being knit, and the blocking held, and the wool has settled in the twist of the yarn.) Here's the yarn porn shot:

The other endOne end

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wow ... that is PRETTY ... I'm kinda jealous that you can/get to do stuff like that.
Thank you! *hugs* It is a lot of fun, and nice to have most of the setup already, so it costs nigh on nothing more, especially when I dip into the really old stuff stash. The wool's probably over 15 years old.
Nifty! Again... so not patient enough to try this. Go you!
Oh, that is gorgeous! And congrats on getting balanced singles at the end of it.

That makes me want to get my wheel out again... it's been a while.
It's been a while for me, too. I did a commercial stint at the end of last year, did a whole *pound* of two ply sock yarn and I burned out in doing it in less than three weeks. So it took me a while to get back to it. *laughs*

I forgot. YOU can knit with wool. Heh heh heh...

though I'm not sure you'd want THAT colorway...

Is there a worsted colorway you would want to go with some of the other stuff you're doing?
Oh that turned out gorgeous. The did stay pretty vibrant after drying.

yarn porn indeed.
It softened a little, more lost some of the depth. They're more candy cane colors than what I'd hoped for to start. But... again... 100% wool rather than what silk can do to the depth of the color. And it's not so much darkness as saturation.

And, you know, if I dyed 100% silk it might sidestep your barrier there.
so pretty! But now explain that bit about needing to block or the skein will twist and the yarn will bias when knit for worsted singles.
Okay... fibers start out straight. When I put spin into them to hold them together to make yarn, it puts twist into the yarn at what spinners call the Z-direction.

Usually... two z-singles are plied together in the s-direction with enough twist to balance the twist in the singles. This makes for a yarn that's twist-neutral.

With a single, there is no counterbalancing twist. So you just have the twist you put into the yarn. If you leave it just as when you've spun it the fibers are still trying to go back to being straight. So it kinks up the yarn, and if you knit with it just like that you can get a bias in the fabric because half a knit stitch will pull harder than the other half. A fine and useful example of that can be found here.

Blocking is when I dip the resultant yarn in water so hot I can barely touch it much less keep my hand in it. It literally melts some stuff in the fibers, and when it cools again (if weighted so that the yarn is straight), the fiber, which cools in the twisted state "sets" in that state. And is called "blocked". Since the fiber is now happy in the twisted state it doesn't try to pull back to the straight state it was in.

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such pretty colours *smiles* despite the troublesome bits of the process, i can see how this must be a very satisfying thing to do. and the 'thinned roving' stage makes me think you've laid out a rainbow you caught within a cloud.
Mmm... good description there. *smiles* It is beautiful at that stage. There is a fiber artist that does felting where she can take a white felt and lay a layer just of the thinned roving over it and capture just that feel at the top... rubbing it in with soap and hot water.

Yeah, I love the colors. *grins* Which is probably why I keep playing with it.
it's Buddhathumper, love. <3
OMG! so pretty! i'm sorry i had to be so difficult about that tho. sweet jesus that's going to make some amazingly soft gaunlets. <3 how much is there??
Re: it's Buddhathumper, love. &lt;3
Oh, I'm just bitchin' for the fun of it. It wasn't that difficult, just... different. And it *worked* so I'm jazzed!! *laughs*

It's 106 grams... *laughs* uhm... probably the usual 3 1/2 ounce skein. I didn't measure the yardage, and it'll probably be a little finer than commercial worsted. *definitely* good for gauntlets!!

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*laughs* I have no clue what most of that meant, but the yarn is lovely. XD
I've been eying this. I know nothing about yarn; either the spinning of or subsequent knitting.

I do think this looks so pretty, though. ♥
Please do share pictures of whatever this becomes.