Paper Roses

neko_san once showed me a whole paper bag filled with origami roses. Beautiful things. And she told me about the book she'd learned the model from: Roses, Origami, and Math by Toshikazu Kawasaki.

I got it for Christmas. And I've tried it out, both the bud and the full-blown flower head. I guess my visual/mathematical brain wanted a little bit of a workout taking things from the 2-D representations in the book to 3-D models. And I have to admit that I think the instructions lacked a certain something. *laughs* But I got it, so... can't say too much bad about 'em.

The bud:
Rose Bud

The flower:
origami rose - toporigami rose -side
I don't think those look bad at all. The bud is very pretty, actually, and...well, I guess it takes someone with no talent at origami to love everything origami. Good job!
Thank you, so much!! I'm glad you thought they're pretty. *smiles* And it's not a requirement to love 'em. *laughs*
They're pretty! I've never tried origami but I can appreciate the skill involved.
You did great!

Origami instructions in general are like that. They seem to skip something along the way just enough to confuse people. XD
cool! i particularly the photo from above because the shadows reveal and emphasise the folded shapes of the rose petal structure very well.
*smiles* Yeah... I think that's my favorite photo, too... especially since with the side one I can see a mistake where I didn't tuck something in right. *laughs*!!

Mmm... shadows...
OH they are so pretty! I have to admit though I've always been all thumbs when it comes to origami. *facepalm*