Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Stuck On Translation

I've been stuck and all you Bleach folks might be able to help me.

In the back of the Viz translation of the 18th book of the Bleach manga, there's a little extra that has the profiles of both Ukitake and Kyouraku.

The Viz translation for the American version says: "Second son of the high-ranking Kyouraku family. Born to a long line of martial artists, but hates academics and martial arts."

My beta has a French translation that says that Kyouraku is the 1st son of said family, and born to a long line of *artists*.

I'd love to know, from the folks in other countries, what *their* 18th volume says. Or, heck, if someone has the Japanese version and can answer, I'd be like ecstatic. Thanks!
Tags: bleach
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