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Cardamom Ice Cream Win

The cardamom ice cream was a huge win. But I cheated... *laughs* I just used my own usual recipe and added cardemom pods instead of vanilla and it was perfect. But most of the ratios were the same as nannete's recipe for everything except the egg.

Jet ate the duck, with hoisin sauce on a flour tortilla quite happily. I got the mu shu done, and a monster of a fic done, and got a few cards out in the mail, and played with Jet and did homework with him when he was home... but that's about it. *laughs*

Of course, just in time for ice cream, the weather turned from sunny and warm to blowing snow. *laughs*

1 3/4 cups half and half (half milk and half cream) (~400 ml)
mixed with 1/4 cup sugar (~50 g castor sugar) and heated until the liquid was just steaming

I then pulverized 10 green cardamom pods (don't use the big black pods, they're good in coffee, but not this) and threw them in.

I beat 1 egg with another 1/4 cup of sugar until frothy and lemon yellow, but I was a little lazy in that I didn't beat them until foamy, just until they were well combined.

I poured some of the hot dairy into the egg, beating the egg while pouring that in in order to temper the egg, and then poured that back into the hot liquids. Then I brought it up to 180° F (~82 ° C), gradually, stirring a lot, and then I turned the fire off, put a lid on it and let it steep for about an hour. I put it through a sieve to get all the cardamom chunks out, and then fridged it until it was good and cold.

Put it in our little electronic ice cream maker and it was just gorgeous! Fragrant and rich with cardamom fragrance and flavor, and Jet couldn't eat it, he said, "It's too... rich for me."

He ate the duck, but he couldn't eat the ice cream. Instead, he ate the mint chip ice cream he'd saved his own money to buy (which I was pretty proud of him doing, actually) and left more for me, for tomorrow. *happy sigh* I really, really loved the results, though I might have put more milk into it to cut the richness a bit, and put a bit less sugar, but less sugar would have probably affected the way it froze and it froze smooth and wonderful. So maybe not. I didn't miss any more egg in the mixture. It was quite nice.
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