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Happy Lunar New Year of the Ox

Well, really tomorrow... but I thought I'd say something tonight. *laughs*

We had a great "Lunar New Year" snack time at church today. All the moms who have adopted Asian kids get together and do this thing and for the last few years, they dragged me in on it because "You're Asian, you should know what we're supposed to do!" But after five years of this, we have our traditions now, and the things that each of us does and the things that the moms now do for their kids, since some of them are Korean instead of Chinese. And, hey, every one loves wasabi peas! Ahem.

So, yeah, it's very American. *giggles* And I mean that as a compliment. All kinds of things that we all just like that are associated with being Asian. Shrimp chips, almond cookies, durian New Years cakes, nien gao (sticky rice cake with red bean paste), egg rolls, sweetened lotus seeds, wasabi peas, rice cracker mix, all making a veritable feast. There were a few ladies saying, "It's *lunch*, not a snack!"

Year of the Ox isn't for us Rabbits. It's usually a hardworking, brute-force kind of year, whereas us Rabbits like things a bit more... artistic and elegant. But it'll be an interesting year, all in all, so all the Chinese horoscopes say it's our year for not slacking and not getting too uppity, out of the spotlight or else we'll be the nail that gets hammered. Amusingly enough, that kind of fits me at the moment... and my life. I just have to brute force the writing thing. Just get my head down and do it. Nothing more tricky or elegant than putting one word after another.

I also got a commission from a local artist to help her organize and clean up her computer (AND BACK IT UP!) (ahem, she said she'd NEVER backed it up... and I nearly had a heart attack, yes, YOU! BACK UP YOUR MACHINE. I do it every New Years, just so I don't lose everything in one fell swoop) and then go back a few more times to make sure she keeps it clean and useful. That'll be interesting work, especially since she now trusts me to understand her right-brain thinking of how to do things. I'm not "just" a computer person any more... she trusts me as an artist as well. That's... enlightening for me.

It'll be an interesting job.

Spent the afternoon just kind of listening for screams as Jet had two friends over and they all played just fine together. Upstairs, with Jet's Big Bag of Paper Airplanes, outside, and then in the basement with the eyetoy and Lego Star Wars. So they jumped and banged about and had a great time, and I bundled up to go out with them and they decided there wasn't enough snow to sled. So they just ran around pelting each other with snow.

Colorado snow is a little pathetic for playing in, as it's always powder snow. Great for skiing in, terrible for packing together, so they just get big POOFS when they throw handfuls of powder at each other. *laughs*

Dinner was Noodles and Company and I went next door to Wahoo's and got a Kahlua bowl, roast pork on rice and black beans with salsa and teriyaki sauce. Talk about fusion. Ahem. It was tasty, though, and pork (digging forward rather than scratching back like a chicken) is good for New Years. *laughs*

Hope I actually remember my dream tonight...

Hope everyone has a good New Year.
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