Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

New Years Dream...

I dreamed of having a undulating, giant black and white dragon made of thousands of gleaming Lego® pieces on my shoulders as I flew it over a detailed, intricate model of Tokyo, with Catherine Zeta Jones as we tested out a part of the story together. And I crashed the gigantic, gorgeous, powerful thing into the city in a beautiful explosion of pieces and the peaceful knowledge that I and the special effects department would be able to put it all back together again.

It was the third story trial we'd done together, each one testing and perfecting another part of the movie/story we were plotting and planning and writing and filming together.

Pretty nice first dream... *sighs happily*

This morning it was 7° F (-13 C) with horizontal blowing snow. I guess our unseasonal weather has left for a bit. *laughs* I really do actually like shoveling snow from the sidewalk for exercise, especially after seeing the one girl that habitually wears leggings and slippers in the snow actually have a real coat on. What she does for fashion... *shakes head*

So now I'm cooking 2 pounds of dried beans.

This morning, as I was looking at all the pinto beans on a cookie sheet, I shouted, "Score! I found a ROCK!"

John laughed, came over and hugged me and said, "I love you."

I am very easily entertained. *laughs* The Target bulk pinto beans had about half a dozen rocks in 'em, which is far more than the Kroger beans did. My teeth are really, really fragile, and I am very vigilant about the rocks so I don't bite into anything that'll just crack something. But the cool thing is that the two dried pounds cook up into nearly eight pounds of "Naturally non-fat" and "high in fiber" protein, and it's kind of fun. We freeze 'em in one pound bags and I use them in chili, taco salad, and sometimes we just mash 'em and fry them for refried beans.

Of course, I throw the non-fat out the window as I add a smoked ham hock along with the onions, garlic, thyme, bay leaves, and other stuff. The smokiness of the ham hock is making the whole house smell good.

Over the weekend Jet's Boy Scout troop had Pine Wood Derbies. He built his car himself, with a little holding help and instruction from John, but Jet did all the work himself; even to balancing the wheels and getting the weights on and making sure that it was within legal specifications. He beat everyone in his den during the preliminaries and he was very, very pleased that he got to be in the semi-finals. He didn't get out of the semi-finals, but he did get a nice little medal and a ribbon for his "use of color"!! That was very cool.

Got to watch a bit of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" that my sister sent John. It's very good seeing her own her own, without the Doctor for a bit. I like her very much. And it's quite a good way to spend the first day of the coming lunar year. *grins*
Tags: cold, cooking, dreams, jet
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