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My sister took this picture and I am in complete awe. Goodness... it's a raven and ... wow. The *feathers* alone...

I've had a fascination with birds for a while, but Kathy's been doing a lot of photography lately, with a really huge kit. If you want to see more of what she's been doing, go ahead and click that photograph and then peer around her flickr site, it's worthwhile doing, I think. *grins*
Oh I've always loved ravens and her "flap casual" photo is stunning. So is the one in this entry. I'll make sure to have a look through her gallery once I have a bit more time.
Yeah! It's fun to wander through her stuff... I'm glad that you're enjoying it. *grins*
Her photos are amazing! Her eyes and reflexes must be very sharp. I loved the other crow images as well.
She's also got some astonishing photography equipment... *grins* But, yes, she's gradually perfecting her technique with birds... and she loves being able to get those crazy shots. *happy sighs*
Kathy's comments about the difficulty of photographing a black bird remind me of Carla's characterization of Fezzik as a "photographic black hole."

There's a raven that hangs out around the new house. We saw it flying overhead a few weeks ago carrying a very large red apple. I don't know where it found an apple like that this time of year, but it seemed quite happy about it. I'm looking forward to having such an accomplished trickster in the neighborhood.

Exactly, and probably for precisely the same reasons. *laughs*

YAY for trickster neighbors! Amazing that it found that... a large red apple... *laughs*
Oh that is an awesome picture!!

Though I have to say Ravens always freak me out. On Iowa States Campus we had the entire commons filled with them most nights. It was so freaky like something out of the Hitchcock movie. Of course being crapped on wasn't much fun either. ;)