Eight Years Old

Yesterday was Jet's birthday. He's having a party this coming Saturday, but he decided that he just wanted two friends to do a lot of things for most of a day rather than the usual one or two hour party with lots of kids doing one thing and getting sugared up on cake and stuff. We also had him decide how he actually wanted to spend his birthday, and he started the night before by setting his alarm for 6:30 a.m. "So I can get an early start."

All his other gifts from his family arrived yesterday; and he got to tell us what he wanted for dinner and dessert, and since he did extra homework over the weekend, he had no homework, either. He loved that. He decided he wanted lemon pie for his special dessert and sushi for dinner, so we went to Sakura (yes, this is why he loved Cardcaptor Sakura so much) and had his favorite menu of foods, and then he got triple treated there. They gave him a tempura banana for his dessert, we bought a single mango mochi ball, and then they gave him a giant Pocky stick to take home, but he decided to eat it right there.

He also decided he didn't want meringue on his pie, so I threw together just a pie shell and lemon pie filling, and we were all pretty impressed at how good that was. He spent most of the day playing with three giant Lego sets he'd gotten, two Indiana Jones ones and one Creator set. And when he went to sleep he was pretty happy, and sang some in his sleep. He's gotten into this habit, now, of talking in his sleep, and sometimes singing. I used to talk in my sleep, too, so I'm not too surprised, but it's kind of fun to listen to.

So it was a pretty quiet day. While Jet was at school I managed to write 1200 words that I had to throw out and then another 1700 words that I've mostly kept. *head desks* The visit home is bringing a lot more out of Kyouraku than I thought it would. There's a lot of stuff there, and my dreams this morning were full of things he wanted to show. It's odd to follow, but the chapter's already 6000 words long and I'm probably going to split it to get everything in, and then I'll probably rip some of it out as not all of it is relevant to their shikai... still... well, I'll see. I've already ripped so much of it out that... *shakes head*

I'm also having problems with my breathing again, the cold weather is making it harder for me to get enough exercise in, and I tried to go to the grocery store on my bike, but the winds coming out of the west were gusting in the 40 mph range, so it was a lot colder than I wanted it to be to ride out into it. But, yesterday I managed to ride the exercise bike and watch through episode 12 of Escaflowne. It is getting more complex and interesting, intriguing with the mistakes made in the past and the consequences of seeing into the future. And, like most of the good Japanese anime, it's taking what it's given me to start with and adding depth and layering on consequences. I love that. *dances* My only tiny complaint is that I wish the noses weren't so long and pointy. *laughs*

Now I have even more reasons to get on that bike, and I really should every day as I have another checkup with the lung specialist in a week or two. But first, Twin Souls!
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I <3 Escaflowne! I think it stays good through the whole series.

The noses are bizarre, though.
I am having a spate of feeling old. Jet being 8 can now be a contributing factor. Didn't he just start kindergarten???

Happy birthday Jet! I remember 8 being a cool year. I hope your year of 8 is full of interesting things.

And liralen, I hope you're able to get good exercise and good breathing in the next two weeks. My next two weeks needs to be full of oatmeal.
Oatmeal? *giggles* I should do that, too...

8 has been very fun so far. And, yeah, he did start kindergarten (and the bus) just yesterday. *laughs and laughs*

Gosh it goes by fast....
Happy birthday to Jet! I'm glad it went well, and look forward to reading more Twin Souls. :)
Happy birthday to Jet!

And in hindsight I remember Escaflowne fondly as "the one where the noses turn *up*!" :)
Very, very much so. *laughs and laughs*

I shall pass on your wishes. *smiles* He's going to like that.
It was!

He's going to be tickled by having so many people wish him a good one....
Pointy noses
Perhaps the Escaflowne characters have tengu blood?

Happy Birthday to Jet! That sounds like an excellent day.

And two friends for a day of fun sounds much better than two hours of a horde of kids all sugared up. Quality over quantity.
Re: Pointy noses
They might!

I shall pass on the wish, and he enjoyed the cooking book very much, especially the dough sculptures. Hee. So we shall probably be delving into that...

Yes. Indeed. Quality over quantity. It's a good philosophy to have even this young.
Happy Belated Birthday to your little boy! And what a wonderful boy he seems to be.

I'm also very excited to hear about writing because it seems I'm back in an Ukitake fangirl phase (I'm working again on something old about him as a kid and his father) so I'll probably treat myself and read some older chapters. The whipping one has always been a favourite of mine <3
Mmm... yeah, it's one of my favorites, too. *sighs* I wonder if I've gotten too defuse in the later chapters, going into too much detail... but neat that you're getting back into fangirling with him! Ooo... neat about the story!!

I shall forward the wishes. *smiles* Thank you!
oh that is so cute ... he sings in his sleep *awwwws like a goof*

Re:Esca ... there's a drinking game ... one of the things you have to drink for is when you notice that they have pointy noses *laughs* ... with the drinking game, it claims to be able to get you drunk in the first half of the first episode, so if you dont want to fall on your ass, tea or caffine is recommended instead ... some of the stuff on there is just freaking funny ... a friend did it with just part of the list and she was throwing up by like episode 3 ... go look ... it's funny
*giggles far too much*

Yeah. tea. *laughs*

He is far too cute sometimes. *sighs*
Happy Birthday to Jet! My youngest turned 7 last Sat. I just love them at this age; self sufficient yet they haven't noticed your flaws. XD

YAY! So looking forward to more Twin Souls! lol yanno my exercise bike has this platform thingy on the handle bars. It houses the control panel and a place to put books. It also manages to hold my laptop quite nicely. Not the most comfortable but I can actually work while I ride.
OOOooooo... a *platform*!! I should get the hubby to build that for me. That would be so useful!

And, yes, this has been a really, really great age. That self-sufficiency without being too keen about our flaws, yet.

Though it was funny... we were having a discussion about kids, and two of the moms were talking about how their kids, when they tell them that they're hungry or tired, the kids start screaming, "NOooooo I'm NOT!" And I had to tell them that, with Jet, he looks at me, sometimes and goes, "Do you need some food, Mom?"


He was right, too, is the galling thing.
Say happy birthday from me to jet! It sounds like he had a great time! There's no better way to spend a bday than playing lego the whole day, I think. It sounds wonderful (much better than sitting up, being all neat and saying hi to all these older family memebers who are pretty boring to an eight year old)
I shall do so!!

Indeed, Lego and phone calls is MUCH better than formal visits. *giggles far too much*
Happy belated Birthday to your sweet and wonderful little boy. :D

6000 words sounds just fabulously wonderful. :D

Sorry about the lungs. Hopefull the weather is turnign around for you know to work on that. *hugs*