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Random Scribbles

They're... minimal. *laughs*

I'm... just starting to find a little confidence in actually trying to draw anything with human features, especially with all the really good artists that peer at this journal. Most of these are free-hand copied from the various manga because I'm still trying to figure out how to draw people, and what kinds of details make a difference and trying out paint.net or gimp for coloring things in. I'm still kind of baffled at how one of my Hakkai's doesn't look like him at *all*. ah well...

I'll even offer a 100-word drabble for anyone that guesses all 5 at all (if you get 'em wrong, I'll figure it's my fault). They'll be written after I get my TS chapter DONE. *laughs* In Bleach, Saiyuki, Tsubasa RC, xxxholic, Dogs, and Samurai Champloo (and you can add either computer science or knitting or cooking to any of those), name a pairing and a prompt (cross as you like) but I reserve the right to do my own take on the pairing. In a way this is thanks to incandescens for her drabble, too. I know, it's really a Bleach fan kind of thing...

[Edited to change the rules to you get a drabble if you guess at all, because it's not about you being right, so much as me getting feedback on how well *I* did...]

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I see Juushiro, Hisagi, what I assume to be Zangetsu, Shunsui and Ichigo. And they're all well done and preeeetty! (Unless, of course, I got one wrong, in which case it looks like someone else...)
*giggles* *dances* You get a drabble if you want one!

I'm glad you thought they were pretty. *happy sigh*
1) Ukitake's obvious...
2) as is Hisagi.
3) I'm _thinking_ Yumichika, but not sure... (Or should I say Fujikujaku?)
4) Ichigo (glare of doom)
5) and Shunsui (my hat is glued to my hand again! Help, Nanao-chan!)

(Totally unfair advantage of UK timezone.)
Yay for the obvious ones! and the "glare of doom" *dances*

For 3, I'm taking any blade at all, that it's recognizably a sword is what I was going for.

I love your take on 5.

I'd love to do a drabble for you.

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When I saw the blade I immediately thought about Blood+ but err, wrong fandom ^^;
It looks as if these have all already been guessed, but I wanted to say that I really like these. I especially like the third one - very evocative, with that wee hint of color.
*beams* If you guess anyway (I wasn't actually trying to make it hard... *laughs*), I'll be happy to do a drabble for you!

Yeah... just that hint... and it was one of those layer functions in gimp, where I colored all those parts red and then did an additive thing, where it *just* turned pale red all the parts that had been penciled, so I got to keep the liquid feel of the drips. *happy sighs*
These are nice, Dear. Better than most of the stuff I see in my in-box on either Y! or dA (and I'm not even kidding a little bit).

Let's see...

Jyuu, either Ichi, Shui, or Kaien, someone's blade and Shun and Ichi.
*blushes at the first and *thinks* about it* From you, I appreciate that a very, very great deal.

*grins* Name your prompts! You get a drabble if you wish it.

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oh you have a good eye! those are too easy: Ukitake, Hisagi, Zangetsu, Shunsui, and Ichigo's eye.

lol alright you posted Zangetsu somewhere before else I might not have got that one.

Is it your intent to start painting this stuff? cause that would be awesome
*beams* I was hoping it'd be easy. *giggles* And thank you, so much.

And, I'm taking any 'sword' as good for the third one. (okay, maybe not Zabimaru...) *laughs* as it is just the tip.

I *want* to paint Shunsui sometime... the others, I'm just doing the drawing and learning to ink and color to learn what kind of characteristics make up faces and make them recognizable, I'm still having problems with that. But as folks have noted, a lot of my fic is movie-like, and it's because I usually *see* them as I'm writing them, so it would be nice to do a graphical story sometime.

Claim your drabble!
Very nice! My goodness is there anything on this earth you can't do well? I am impressed. For drawing practice Bleach is a good one to start with since Kubo's style is pretty simple. (not like me starting with Clamp & Sailor Moon Mangas *sweatdrop*)I especially like how crisp the lines are on Shunsui. Were these with regular #2 pencil or with drawing pencils?
Ooh, these are great, and very easy to see who they are - no guessing required! :)

Ukitake, Shuuhei, Zangetsu, Shunsui, and Ichigo. Really like Ichigo's eye - the possible emotions there make my brain spin off into wild speculations.
Considering what my figure drawing usually looks like, you have nothing to be ashamed of.
*hugs* I keep reading stuff about 'don't copy things and post them'... but... I don't know how else to learn...
Good. I'll probably need a few of those before I believe it. *laughs*

Mmm... Shunsui. *happy sigh*

*blush* Thank you, very much!

Thank you, so much! I love your art to much, it's cool to get that kind of feedback from you.
Ukitake, Hiisagi, the tip of a sword that may or may not be Zangetsu, and Shunsui and Ichigo's glare. I do not think recognising them is an issue, haha. You did a really good job for being 'just a beginner'. I particularly heart Ichigo's angry eye. XD
*laughs* Oh these are so wonderful!! Though it would've been cheating if I guessed anyway since you'd already shown me the only one that I would have questioned. Though, I do think even then I probably would have gotten Zangetsu right away.

The rest of the artwork was obvious, though I have to say the last with Ichigo's epic eye sex is probably my favorite. But Shunsui never gets enough love in the art world, so...I may have to steal him for an y!gal Thumbnail of these days when I get the rest of my fics posted over there. :D
*giggles* It's not cheating!! *dances*

You may steal as you like!

And if you want a drabble, just give the first two a shot (it's not cheating, as it's not about getting them right...) and I'll be very happy to write you one.