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Random Scribbles

They're... minimal. *laughs*

I'm... just starting to find a little confidence in actually trying to draw anything with human features, especially with all the really good artists that peer at this journal. Most of these are free-hand copied from the various manga because I'm still trying to figure out how to draw people, and what kinds of details make a difference and trying out or gimp for coloring things in. I'm still kind of baffled at how one of my Hakkai's doesn't look like him at *all*. ah well...

I'll even offer a 100-word drabble for anyone that guesses all 5 at all (if you get 'em wrong, I'll figure it's my fault). They'll be written after I get my TS chapter DONE. *laughs* In Bleach, Saiyuki, Tsubasa RC, xxxholic, Dogs, and Samurai Champloo (and you can add either computer science or knitting or cooking to any of those), name a pairing and a prompt (cross as you like) but I reserve the right to do my own take on the pairing. In a way this is thanks to incandescens for her drabble, too. I know, it's really a Bleach fan kind of thing...

[Edited to change the rules to you get a drabble if you guess at all, because it's not about you being right, so much as me getting feedback on how well *I* did...]

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