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drabble for nannete -- Favorite Story

Title: Favorite Story
Requester: nannete
Series: Bleach
Requested Topic: Urahara. Ururu. Bedtime story.
Due to http://liralen.livejournal.com/769598.html.

Ururu ached under her covers. She still couldn't remember hitting the Arrancar.

Candlelight flickered over paper walls. The door slid back to allow a striped hat to poke into the room.

"Can't sleep?"

She shook her head.

"How 'bout a story?"

Getaboshi sat down on her futon. Greatly daring, she crept into his lap; he held her close and she sighed.

"Gunnam? Please?" she pleaded.

"Certainly..." He tucked her under his chin and started her favorite story of all.

"Once upon a time there was a weapon who dreamed she was a girl; everyone knew her as Battle Angel Alita..."
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Definitely awwww!

(And now I'm imagining Urahara doing the "Mukashi mukashi..." from Princess Tutu. Oh dear...)

Cuteness is just the job right now, and this oozes so much of it. I love it. I love you for doing this :)

Thank you ♥ :)
We started watching the Arrancar arc at Tuesday Night Anime last week! Woot! Someday soon I will be able to understand all your Bleach fic!

(I was hoping the annoying stuffed animals would be gone, but to compensate for them we got new plot and a surprise! Gwack *SPOILER* being *SPOILER*!)

Woohooo!! ALL my Bleach fic! There is a lot of it... *thoughtfuls* And, yeah, being a manga-devourer (and buying it as I go), I am far, far ahead of the anime.

I do have to admit to a sneaking crush on Nova, but I could do without the others. *laughs*
This is adorable, and at the same time, a little sad. I love it.
Thank you so much! Yeah... it is just a little sad as I sometimes think all the mod souls are a little sad...
Ururu! I love her, and I love the idea that Urahara has a soft spot for her, too. Lap cuddling and bedtime stories is so *happy sigh* inducing.

Love that her favourite story is Alita, ahahaha! Win. :)
*beams* Yes. When Nannett first asked for a bedtime story, I wanted the cuddle.. Hee.

Yeah! I was trying to think which fairy tale she might like best, but couldn't think of one where the doll wins... and then got whacked upside the head when I thought of Battle Angel Alita, because I reflex-googled it and found out that the Japanese title was "Gunnam" which means something like (gun/dreams).

Which is so much what Ururu seems to be...
Lovely Angel
Awwww, that's so lovely. The use of Alita was a wonderful touch.

And a drabble that's exactly 100 words, and not like 8000 or something, woooo! Good job.
Re: Lovely Angel
I'm finding that I like the 100 word ones very much, as it *makes* me only make ONE connection and make it solid.

Thank you! I think the clincher was when I reflex-googled "Battleangel Alita" I found that the Japanese title for the original series was "Gunnam" which someone roughly translated as (Gun/Dream). *happy sigh*
Haha, I have a friend who loves that manga, but I haven't read it because I phail. Although that would totally be Ururu's favourite story. XD
XD! I guess I should have added that to the 'series' tag... *laughs* as it rode along all unsuspecting...
Becuase I loved the sweetness of this story I had to look up Alita so that I understood the significance.

And I have to say, WOW! That is an amazing comparison there. Especially given my views of Ururu since her fight with Il Forte.

It simply made the whole story that much more lovely. :D
*giggles* Apologies for dragging in a whole other fandom...

but... I'm glad you found that it fit. *smiles*
*dances* I LOVED Alita when I was a teen. She... she was so sad and so brave and so deadly all in one. And so *tiny* compared to what she fought as well.

I'm so glad that you looked it up to figure it out! Yeah... I only just realized I'd dragged in a whole other fandom. *laughs* And it's mostly made of my older friends and older readers where the Battleangel was one of the very few manga available to us back then. (mirrored and badly bound)

But, yeah... Ururu against Il Forte reminded me forcibly of those stories. *happy sigh*
Thank you!! *dances about* <3

I'm so glad that there have been a lot of people that understood what that last line *meant*... *laughs* ... never mind how it ties in.
Oh my GOD that's cute. I should make the attempt to write an actual "drabble" instead of the thousand word things they become.

God I loved this. It makes me want to write a chapter of my story where Urahara and Ichigo tell Ururu a story with like...puppets or shadows or something.

*grins softly* That would be SO cute too.
*smiles* I think that would be very cute, too.

Yeah. I had that problem, too, or at least thought I did... until I did a few of the "just 100 words" ones with that in mind to start, and realized I *could*. It's an interesting way to discipline these, and keep 'em short so that I don't flail and spend too much time on 'em, as my time's limited before the chapters come back. Heh.

Try it! You might like it!
*thinking about it* Yeah... it is. *grins*

It wouldn't even have to be Alita, in particular, either...