drabble for r0ck3tsci3ntist -- A Woman's Place

Title: A Woman's Place
Requester: r0ck3tsci3ntist
Series: Bleach
Requested Topic: Unohana, Jyuushiro, and Shunsui alone, as in no witnesses/ the role of women in battle/ UST.
Due to

Unohana dragged Jyuushiro's bloody body to the cave mouth.

Shunsui felt bone ends grate even as Unohana said, "Stay still, you'll only make it worse."

He obeyed, but blacked out when she released Minazuki.

Then cool hands stroked his face, his throat. A slender, iron-hard arm braced his back, and he gasped in pain as she lifted him in her arms. Her reiatsu blazed. Her lips brushed Shunsui's forehead. She brought him close; her throat was soft and warm against his closed eyelids.

"Idiots, trying to do this alone."

"'M glad you came," he whispered.

Her arms tightened. "Me, too."
Ohh, my heart... so touching. Amazing how you work so much into so few words.
Thank you!!

It turned out to be more fraught than I thought it would be. It's odd to be surprised by a 100-word piece, but my Shunsui muse surprised me by insisting he tell it, and Unohana surprised me with the extra touches for Shunsui's sake rather than just getting them out of there so she could heal them.

So thank you, very much, for the prompt...
Oh snap. I have a feeling when they're better Unohana might rip them a new one for being so dumb. I want a hug from Captain Mom, though...
*sniffle* This was so sweet!! I love it. The world needs more Unohana. :D
Awww... You know, I didn't have much love for Unohana until I read your story.
Thank you!! I have to agree. *laughs*

I think I found love for her when she was the one that went *looking* for what was wrong and the instant she found it she just tells everyone. None of this "oh I'll deal with it on my own" or "I'll go hunt down the bad guys" or... any of that other stuff. *laughs*