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Hm... Rules Change and Fast Input

I edited the scribbles entry to say that anyone that guesses at all gets a drabble. *grins* It wasn't about people getting it right so much as *me* getting as much as I could right.

Uhm, yeah, the chapter(s) are now off, as you can probably see, due to the relative flood of drabbly goodness.

And, uhm... yeah... I read all of the first "Dogs" series so I'll add Dogs to the list, as I'm really likin' Mihai (and the short shot of Ian), Badou, Haine (I really like him a lot for some reason), and Naoto (far more than I should, perhaps, the knife fight against the katana had me analyzing each move... *laughs*) and I'm a little ways into the longer series.

Uhm, and, yeah... I also read Bones of Faerie. Twice. I'm on a third read-through but Jet's having his all-day birthday party today and we did our taxes. So I have excuses. *laughs*

It is hauntingly, painfully good. About a girl growing up in a post-Apocolypse world where Faerie and Humans annihilated each other, where all magic is deadly, everything suspect, and her father makes sure everything is "safe". There is violence, some of it which made me flinch (unusual for me), and it reminds me of just how much kids want and need to read things that are "older" than they are.

It's also the first thing I've read that never made my new-fledged internal editor cringe, and, in fact I was like... wow... I want to something like *this*. It's so densely packed I think even gogoangelgunboy would have a lovely time with it, if I could actually tempt him with fantasy... *laughs*

amberley gave me my copy, so I'll happily give a copy of Bones of Faerie to the first person that asks for a copy in a comment.

[Edited: The offered copy has been accepted!]
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Bones of Faerie sounds interesting. I'd be up for reading it. I also need to read Dogs.... *phails*
*giggles* Flails about as well..

Well, I did all of the first series in one night... and do you want me to send you a copy of Bones of Faerie?
Excellent. I'll send it to you! Thanks for the address (I deleted the comment so your address wouldn't be where everyone could see it)!

And you can find Dogs on One Manga, but Viz is publishing the books, as well, and since I like it enough, I may well buy them from RightStuf as well, they have the two books that are published.
I got the book yesterday! Grazie! Unfortunately 12 hours on campus and a horrific midterm knocked me out dead, so I haven't read it yet... But I expect that will be remedied by tomorrow at the latest, haha...
Haha, so I started reading that book in my Logic class Thursday night instead of paying attention to the teacher trying to explain to the n00bs, and then I came home and wrote a paper and then stayed up til four am reading the rest of the book. >_>

But it was so neat! I was kind of vaguely expecting some of the twists, and some things I knew right out, and then other things were just like a brick to the face. >_< But I really liked it! On the one hand I am kind of hoping for a sequel, but on the other hand I feel like that story is kind of done. :\ Like, maybe we could have more stories from that world, but I think they would have to be from a different character's pov. Like in Tithe and Valiant, if you read those. (and if you haven't maybe you should? I really liked Valiant, and Tithe was pretty good... There was also a third book in the series (Ironside) with the same character set from Tithe, but again, I didn't like that as much, haha. All by Holly Black, of Spiderwick Chronicles fame, but I've never read those. >_>)

Anyway I really enjoyed that book, although I was not so much bothered by the violence... Although her dad made me REALLY angry. But now things will be better! Whee!
Ooooo... neat that you liked it! I'm so glad you did, and that you weren't bothered by the violence.... as you might have suspected, the stuff that bothered me the most was her Dad beating her.

None of the other stuff really bothered me that much, oddly enough, even when the physical damage was worst, but I was really, really angry at her father, too.

Whew. I am glad it worked out that way.
Bones sounds way to much for me. You're much hardier when it comes to violence, so if it made you flinch, I'd probably bail I'm such a whimp. XD

ALL DAY?! My word you're a brave woman to have an all say birthday party even with just a couple of 8 year olds. :P
Luckily, Jet picked two ten-year-olds for his eighth birthday party.

*shakes head*

It's interesting to actually see that in print...

Yeah, given what you've said in comments, I wouldn't recommend it to you... and it's the emotional context of the violence more than the acts itself. I am not much for actual cruelty, oddly enough.