Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Hm... Rules Change and Fast Input

I edited the scribbles entry to say that anyone that guesses at all gets a drabble. *grins* It wasn't about people getting it right so much as *me* getting as much as I could right.

Uhm, yeah, the chapter(s) are now off, as you can probably see, due to the relative flood of drabbly goodness.

And, uhm... yeah... I read all of the first "Dogs" series so I'll add Dogs to the list, as I'm really likin' Mihai (and the short shot of Ian), Badou, Haine (I really like him a lot for some reason), and Naoto (far more than I should, perhaps, the knife fight against the katana had me analyzing each move... *laughs*) and I'm a little ways into the longer series.

Uhm, and, yeah... I also read Bones of Faerie. Twice. I'm on a third read-through but Jet's having his all-day birthday party today and we did our taxes. So I have excuses. *laughs*

It is hauntingly, painfully good. About a girl growing up in a post-Apocolypse world where Faerie and Humans annihilated each other, where all magic is deadly, everything suspect, and her father makes sure everything is "safe". There is violence, some of it which made me flinch (unusual for me), and it reminds me of just how much kids want and need to read things that are "older" than they are.

It's also the first thing I've read that never made my new-fledged internal editor cringe, and, in fact I was like... wow... I want to something like *this*. It's so densely packed I think even gogoangelgunboy would have a lovely time with it, if I could actually tempt him with fantasy... *laughs*

amberley gave me my copy, so I'll happily give a copy of Bones of Faerie to the first person that asks for a copy in a comment.

[Edited: The offered copy has been accepted!]
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