drabble for chuchacz -- Refinement

Title: Refinement
Requester: chuchacz
Fandom: Bleach
Requested Topic: Renji and Kenpachi -- and this picture as the prompt

Whenever Renji started feeling too much like a kicked stray, he took his sorry ass over to the 11th Division practice grounds. Fighting other Rukongai survivors helped clear his head; too much thinking or distractions got the shit beat out of you.

Afterward, in the Division baths, he caught sight of Zaraki's back. Ropes of muscle and webs of scars created a contour map of all that he had fought through to win and fight again. The fires of Rukongai's 80th District had distilled Zaraki into something absolute.

It was a refinement, Renji mused, that even Kuchiki-taichou might appreciate.