Oh oh OH!!! GO LOOK!!

aruarian_dancer gave me something utterly gorgeous for her gift from the gift meme! It's a lovely, lovely rendering of the Kayuya Hime just before her ascent/return to the sky from a scene near the end of the the story "Taketori Monogatari"... *giggles* For some of my flist, who have played Okami and know the story of the girl who fell from the sky that was taken care of by the bamboo carver and his wife, this is an absolutely GORGEOUS picture of her in full regalia.

I've been very inspired by aruarian_dancer's "doodles" as she's just started drawing again after a haitus. And I told her I'd do a little doodling, too, beyond just the painting, which is why I'm actually drawing manga people again after getting kind of discouraged. So I'm really amazed by her sense of color, ability to do astonishing detail, and how beautiful her drawings are. *happy sighs*

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Oh, that's gorgeous! I love the sparkly blues!

And and WUM I just opened a stack of mail today and found your chrysanthemum! It's awesome! Thank you so much! Your ink drawings do make beautiful cards, especially the color ones. I proudly showed it off to everyone at the coffeeshop and told them my friend made that. :)

HOORAH! I'm glad that it got there! *dances*

Hee! I'm so glad you like it! And since it's mounted on the cardstock it's easier to hang up and stuff, too, if you do want to, sometime.
My goodness that's lovely. What a wonderful gift you received. :D