drabble for incandescens -- Taking What's Yours

Title: Taking What's Yours
Fandoms: Bleach and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Requester: incandescens
Prompt: The Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle mob landing in the Bleach universe, for instance . . . anyone seen a feather?

Aizen had just hollowfied Yamamoto with the crumbling Hogyoku, when a curling white pattern scrolled across Soul Society's sky, opening a yawning black hole. A girl, a boy, two men, and a white manju bun with ears spilled from the gap.

The little white creature's eyes went *poink*. "Sakura's feather! It's there!" It pointed excitedly at the Hogyoku, which crumbled even more. A curve of white gleamed.

Yamamoto took advantage of the distraction, broke his mask, and bit Aizen's head off. He plucked the feather from the body with long claws.



"Take it, child."

She did so, fearlessly.
*snickersnort* Miscalculated a bit there, Aizen!

I don't know TRC but this was still funny enough all on its own. :D

Yup. Well, it was a bit of a surprise... :D

Thank you!

One cool thing, for me, was that TRC's Sakura's feathers have the power to *change* reality into something it's not supposed to be, which connected, with me, directly to the Hōgyoku. Heh.

I'm glad it worked fine without knowing half the crossover, though.

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*snickers* Yama-jii bit his head OFF??? *falls over laughing* oh, that is just too precious.
(the Shunsui in my head goes, what do you mean? The Old Man bites *EVERYONE's* head off when he's mad...)

And I'll admit I was thinking that if Yama-jii got hollowfied, he'd probably turn into something fiery like a dragon... but that might just be my image of the Old Man.
*giggles* yea, that about covers him ... at the very least some kind of komodo dragon or something ... maybe a large salemander ... they like it hot.
Sometimes, timing is everything!

Exactly what I wanted, with Big Yamamoto Biting Heads Off as frosting on the cake. Thank you!

You're very, very welcome! I'm glad it was what you wanted. *dances*

Yay for frosting with big, sharp teeth!
Hee!! Yes. Oh dear is a very appropriate response. *giggles more*

I'm glad it was fun. Thank you!
Yay! I'm very glad. I never quite know how my sense of humor comes across and it's so cool having people snicker at this. *dances* Thank you!