Drabble for akuni -- Reflections

Title: Reflections
Fandom: Saiyuki
Requester: akuni
Request: Kougaiji, prompt "shine"

Kougaiji leaned against iron railing. Tears flowed, shining, from his mother's open, frozen eyes; and he cursed himself for his weakness.

"They want me to kill him," he said, unhappily.

"He does what should be done, speaks the truth, and takes care of his own. He doesn't take care of himself at all." He gave a laugh. "His companions are magnificent people and fighters. They follow him because they love him."

Kougaiji sighed at the memory of the banishing gun cold against his throat.

"If they will stop at nothing to kill him, then what will they do to me?"
;_; Oh Kou!! I love him dripping in angst just as much as I love him kicking ass. These tortured choices he has to make are so wrenching!

This is a wonderful punch in the gut, thank you! :D
Yay! I'm glad you liked it.

I was wondering if I was getting too dark with this, but it is Saiyuki and it is Kou. *grins*

You're very welcome.