Dogs -- Bullets and Carnage

I'm reading the second series... and I'm really starting to like Badou...

I love that, of all of them, he can sew on a button. I love him and Haine trying to do "negotiations" with the bullets flying and he had the mask.

I totally love when he runs by Haine and Naoto and yells, "SAVE ME HAINE-CHAN!"

Haine-chan. *falls over laughing*

It's a pretty straightforward series. I am really liking the straightforward Shonen kill-everything-in-sight full-speed-ahead character of this thing. *happy sighs* With some really huge heaping portions of all-out angst.

I like how Haine thinks of his brother... it's interesting to watch that.
Oh I need to read this all over again. You are making reminding me of stuff *_*

I really love this manga - full speed ahead without the long explanations. The actions speak for themselves.
Even the *memories* are that way. The actions and what happens all speak for themselves... and so much is unsaid... just done.
oh I should tell you, I had an ulterior motive when I asked for that Haine drabble. Haine is who my kiriban winner on dA asked for so I went to you for inspiration. ^_^ Maybe if you like the drawing could I post your drabble in the artist comments? I'm about 1/2 done I guess.

Holy smokes! Sure! I'd love that. Feel free to post the drabble as part of the comments! I... uhm... I changed the last line a little, but I'm still not exactly sure if I liked it as much as the original. *thoughtfuls some*

YAY! Thanks. <3 It's not a precise picture of the scene you wrote. It's a portrait but I've had in my mind as I draw that moment he is slammed back to life.
Oh, *perfect*. That's the strongest line in the piece, I think... that never changed. *grins*