Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Dogs -- Bullets and Carnage

I'm reading the second series... and I'm really starting to like Badou...

I love that, of all of them, he can sew on a button. I love him and Haine trying to do "negotiations" with the bullets flying and he had the mask.

I totally love when he runs by Haine and Naoto and yells, "SAVE ME HAINE-CHAN!"

Haine-chan. *falls over laughing*

It's a pretty straightforward series. I am really liking the straightforward Shonen kill-everything-in-sight full-speed-ahead character of this thing. *happy sighs* With some really huge heaping portions of all-out angst.

I like how Haine thinks of his brother... it's interesting to watch that.
Tags: manga

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