Christmas Me

Christmas Again

Turns out the machine's under warranty!

*dances about*

It is, indeed, the mother board. It'll be a couple of weeks, and I might lose the hard disk data completely; but I'll have the machine back! And I did have everything vital backed up (other than my bookmarks, but it's kinda cool to start clean with those too... good thing I had links to all my research links on just about everything other than my champloo fic, I should update *that*, too), so that loss is small...

Jet is now happy as he now knows he'll get his "robot programmer" back.
By the way, for bookmarks, I highly recommend the Foxmarks plugin. (Available for firefox, and I think they're working on having it work with other browsers.) It syncs your bookmarks across computers, and _also_ provides a backup. It's super handy to be able to bookmark something on my work PC and it's just there at home.

May be somewhat less useful for a one-computer person, but still, it takes a minute to install and sign up for a free account, and then automatic bookmark backups. What's not to like?
Ooo... I'm on Chrome, which is based off firefox. *thoughtfuls*

But, yeah, there not much to dislike there! I have three machines and *liked* my Google bookmarks, which worked on IE and used to work on firefox until they updated... *sighs*
It's a pity that it happpened, but I'm glad to hear that it's under warranty and that nothing vital's been lost!