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drabble for sophiap: Tastes

Title: Tastes
Fandom: Bleach
Requester: sophiap
Request: Jyuushiro and Kaien cooking
A/N: I'll have to admit that the spirit of xxxHolic might have floated by on this one, since I know she reads that as well.

"Sit down, Taichou."

Jyuushiro sits. He coughs, gets a look, and watches as his young fukutaichou tastes, tests, and prepares the two thousand yen an ounce matcha with exactly the same intensity of attention as the leftover rice from yesterday's dinner.

Kaien tries an umeboshi before setting them out.

He spoons out the steaming rice, ladles on the green tea, and hands Jyuushiro the double-portion bowl, before taking a regular bowl for himself.

Jyuushiro nibbles the salt, sour, sweet of the umeboshi, slurps a spoonful of the grass-scented pale green rice and tastes attention, respect, and memory.

"It's very good."

I'm really really enjoying your drabbles. They make lovely breaks from work =3
Awww... thank you! *smiles*

They've been an excellent break for me, as well. Rather satisfying and sometimes faster than my longer pieces. *laughs* I have to admit that "The Safe Heart" took longer than "Lion Dance"... *giggles far too much*
*beams* Yay!! Thank you for reading... I love whom these drabbles bring out. *grins big*
Ohh, so homey and comfortable on the edges, but with a certain amount of stiffness from... propriety? Respect? Something like that.

You're doing an amazing job on these, you know. :)
*blush* Thank you. They've been a lot of fun. Getting to stretch in all directions with all the characters and trying to get a... taste... *laughs* of the relationships has been a good distraction between 2 5000 word chapters of TS and the birthday fic.

It's kind of nice to just write what I want to write. *laughs* And since they're so small, no worries about what will be "popular" other than for the recipient. I'm kind of liking the results.
Oh, I love this, and I love how you wove in the 'holic concept of food conveying emotion.

It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for this.
*smiles* Yay! I'm very, very glad it pleased, along with the mild thread of the crossover concept.

You're very, very welcome.
Awww.. This is so sweet. I always figured Juushirou never had the heart to replace Kaien with just anyone because they had a special bond. I love how this reaffirms that for me. He's totally waiting for Rukia to take Kaien's place.

Very lovely. :D
You, too, hm, about Rukia that is? *giggles*

Yeah. I think that, too...

Hee. Thank you!!
Yeah, ever since I found out that Byakuya is the one holding Rukia back, and not her talent or power, I was convinced it was the only reason she wasn't already a lieutenant. But I figured that was just me,because I love her so much. It's good to see someone else agree. :D
Mmmm... Thank you! I'm very glad that you found it so. thank you, so much, for coming along and commenting!! I appreciate that so much, it's quite a treat for me.