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drabble for evan_malfoy: Maintenance

Title: Maintenance
Fandom: Bleach
Requester: evanelric
Request: Ishida Uryuu. Something slashy. 'Pride' is your prompt.
A/N: Spoils through Chapter 344 of the Manga, which is also titled "Pride". *laughs*

Ishida methodically smashed columns as he went up each floor in Aizen's stronghold. He planted the Arrancar mine with precise fingers.

He then straightened his Quincy uniform, made sure the cape hung perfectly, and checked one last time to make sure all the blood stains were gone. That was one thing he'd give that mad scientist, blood-eating microbes really were useful in certain circumstances.

He refused to think any of his preparations had anything to do that brute Kurosaki. His cool entrance, his exact appearance was for his own sake, alone.

After all, he had a Quincy's Pride to maintain.
Tags: bleach, drabble, fanfic, writing
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