drabble for evan_malfoy: Maintenance

Title: Maintenance
Fandom: Bleach
Requester: evanelric
Request: Ishida Uryuu. Something slashy. 'Pride' is your prompt.
A/N: Spoils through Chapter 344 of the Manga, which is also titled "Pride". *laughs*

Ishida methodically smashed columns as he went up each floor in Aizen's stronghold. He planted the Arrancar mine with precise fingers.

He then straightened his Quincy uniform, made sure the cape hung perfectly, and checked one last time to make sure all the blood stains were gone. That was one thing he'd give that mad scientist, blood-eating microbes really were useful in certain circumstances.

He refused to think any of his preparations had anything to do that brute Kurosaki. His cool entrance, his exact appearance was for his own sake, alone.

After all, he had a Quincy's Pride to maintain.
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*snickers* I love your take on Ishida ... but you spelled Ichigo's last name wrong ... it's Kurosaki. but still very nice.
Tee hee hee! Sankyuu!! And it's up to date as well, haha! Well, minus today's chapter, but I haven't read that yet!

And you even managed to slip Captain Freakshow into the slashy drabble! He's kind of a riot and I alternately heart him and am deeply disturbed by him. Also, that scene was the final proof that Ishida is day. Nemu was all up in Ishida's grill and he was like GTFO, B. Haha.

And oh, but I heart Ishida so! Thank you again!
Me, either. I need to go do that. *laughs* Figured you'd be up to date... given the prompt.

I, too, am fascinated and repelled by Mayuri as well. :-)

You're very, very welcome.
Ishida really is one of the best at convincing himself that other people have Nothing To Do With It. :)

(And now I'm remembering the vampire hamster in the Case of the Toxic Spell Dump . . .)
*cackle* Oh Ishida, you don't lie very well even to yourself, do you?

Great fun, very nice look at what was going on behind the scenes recently. :)

Then again, he did look so clean and proper, didn't he?

Whaaaaa, he used to be my first Bleach love. Ukitake, what have you done??
He did! Very clean, very proper and very willing to explain what happened. *grins*

I still like Ishida a lot. *giggles*
*giggles like mad* Oh that was hilarious. I loved Ishida's meticulous attention to his appearance before his entrance. That was the best part.

I can totally see him doing that, especially to upstage Ichigo impress Orihime. :D
*snickers far too much at the strikeout*


Thank you!! *giggles far too much too again*

I think that's the best part about sharing stories is giggling together about 'em. *laughs*
XD I love writing Ishida. I'm glad that you had fun with it, too. *grins* Thank you!