Jyuushiro and Shunsui

drabble for bloodthirstylt: Warmth

Title: Warmth
Fandom: Bleach
Requester: bloodthirstylt
Request: Ukitake, Shunsui and a blanket (it turned fluuuuuuffy, with a tang of angst)

"Jyuushiro..." Shunsui did not like the set of Jyuushiro's shoulders. "Come on, you need it."

"Do not."

"Do too. Damnit, what are two thousand-year-olds doing reverting to two-year-old tactics?"

"I'm not."

"Are too.

"Am not."


Jyuushiro's laugh turned into more coughing.

Shunsui growled, swept the slighter man up in his arms. He didn't struggle as Shunsui wrapped the blanket about him.

"Why won't you use this blanket?"

"Don't... want.... blood... on it," Jyuushiro managed.

"Idiot. You can wash it out, or throw it away."

Jyuushiro shook his head. "Kaien's."

Shunsui sagged.

Jyuushiro leaned close. "He'd... want... me... warm... too."
Damn it! And I was trying to be so good, and not selfish, and you know, enjoy what you produced for everyone else, but now I want one too. *pouts* It may be the codeine. Ah well... good stuff hon, as always. Whew... thank god for spell check... I go back to scary movie now.... and hubby and child of course. *smooches the Lira*

(NANAO . o 0 ( If I am like this when I am a thousand years old, I shall retreat to the top of a mountain and shun the world for shame.) )
*falls over giggling*

That is *such* a Nanao-thought. I think that's part of why Shunsui loves her so much...

Thank you!
Aww. Now I want to make them tea and give them a pat on the shoulder.

Lovely emotional stuff.
Yep... me too. Too high to do it w/o spilling though, damn meds. Thank you btw hon, for the kind words about the idiots who don't get serious illness. *squishes*
Thank you!

*laughs* Going where the muses lead gets one into interesting places. I had no *clue* why Jyuushiro didn't want the damned blanket until he just popped out with it...
My reaction to this one went something like:


Thank you. Yeah... amusingly enough, that's what I went through when I wrote it. Some of these surprise me...

*small sob*

I actually read this last night. Glad I did because it would have been a bit too bittersweet a way to start my day <3

(offers a quiet hug)

I'm glad that you got to see it last night, too, then. It just... happened that way. This one kind of suddenly wrote itself.
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

There's been about a dozen drabbles with various chars and stuff in the last few days... *laughs* Dunno if you're up to reading all of 'em, but they're easy enough to find.

Many thanks for commenting!

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WAH!! That was so sweet and so sad. Mostly is was just true and wonderful, though.

You always write these 2 men so well. :D
XD Thank you, so much. It's always fun to let them play off each other. *laughs*
Awww that was so, so sweet. I loved the other ones you posted too, a lot, but I didn't really get around to replying much... Anyone, lots of love for all of them! <3