Trader Joe's

I know I write about Trader Joe's every once in a while in this journal. For those that have no clue what those little stores are, here is an unauthorized commercial that amberley showed me. *grins* I think it's pretty darned accurate, though I like the Greek yogurt better than the goat milk ones.

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far as I know, we don't have those here in Canada. Least I've never seen one. We do have a rather awesome store that has become an icon. That would be Honest Ed's in Toronto. I swear to god, you could outfit your house with everything you need for like $100. Click on the link for their weekly specials to get an idea of what Ed's is like.
Wow... That's pretty amazing!! That looks really huge and useful, too. Wow.

*nods* We don't have Trader Joe's in Colorado, either. *sigh* I have to travel to go to them. *laughs*
*laughs* I'd never heard of Trader Joe's, but that "commercial" would definitely be incentive to give it a try. :D