Dyeing For Lace

I don't usually dye lace yarn, as it muddies the patterns, but... I wanted to try a few new things yesterday.

Today was a really busy day. Heck, the last couple of days have been busy days, as Jet had the weekend off, including today for President's Day.

I managed to do all the fic stuff, and did some dyeing as well. I know that dyeing and knitting help me with my stress levels, and I've never done beaded lace before and I thought I'd try it. I also don't usually dye lace yarn as a lot of different colors can, sometimes, detract from the lace pattern itself.

Hot Pour Dye Pot
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Still... I also wanted to try a new technique that is actually pretty old, but new to me. It's called a hot-pour dye kettle. The basic idea is to heat up the yarn and water and some acid, and when it's all good and hot, pour on the dye. The actual technique is to do it in quadrants, but I didn't really want a one in four repeat, I wanted something less organized. The good thing is that with the hot pour is that the dye should strike as soon as it hits the yarn, so there wasn't going to be as much mixing and cloudiness as there would be if I'd started the dye bath cold and just mixed all the colors in the pot at once.

One also starts with the lightest colors and moves on to the darker ones, and one waits for the first to exhaust completely before going on to the next. This allows the yarn to saturate on the lightest colors, first, so that the later colors can't take over what's already been taken in the wool. I don't think I did quite a strong enough yellow, though, admittedly, I wanted it to not have that much yellow.

Hot Pour End Result
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I really like the results, more than I thought I would when it was in the pot. The mottled colors are really nice and random and kind of that cloudy look that can't really be created any other way. I also found some perfect beads for them, pink with a purple metallic core that matches the resulting colors but also shines really nicely. It'll be kind of interesting to see what kind of pattern can stand up to that mottle.

With the sheer randomness of that particular dye technique, I had to do one that was very, very orderly as well, just to counteract my feeling of omg, I've just ruined the first skein!! Though I hadn't. *laughs*

I did a blue skein with four shades of blues, two of greens, one dark violet, and a strand or two of black, just to darken most of it up. I did it in my usual paint-on method and the results were quite nice, if I say so myself. It'll be interesting to see how it knits up in a lace field. I have very simple clear crystal beads for this one. It turned out a little darker than that second picture gives credit for, but... the bright green is still very bright. *grins*

Painted Blues opened outPainted Blues Yarn

We spent most of today on a field trip to the Denver Museum of Natural Science, as they had a special exhibit on Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Hurricanes. I think my favorite exhibit was one where they'd planted an eight-way camera with audio equipment in the middle of a road in Kansas and a tornado went right over it. That was amazing.

But I learned a lot more about tsunami, earthquakes, volcano construction and characteristics, and how a tornado or hurricane comes into being than I'd known before. I also collected even more Katrina facts than I had before, and even more haunting stories. I'm leaving for Biloxi again in two weeks, to go put more screws in dry board or help build homes back up again... so we're getting set to go away again.

Jet and I bought him a little solar-powered car for him to play with, and he loves it and is really, really happy with it. Especially in our solar climate, he's really jazzed by the little electrical motor that goes Whirrrrrrr in the least bit of bright sun. He should enjoy that while I'm gone.

I've also picked up a cold. I should probably sleep... *laughs quietly*
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the yarn is lovely ... go sleep *hugs and shoves you off to bed* crazy woman ... sheesh ... way too late for you to be up when you're sick.
! The yarn is beautiful, and when I imagine it knitted into lace with small beads, my jaw drops. Wow.

The dyeing technique is new to me, too - what did you use for the dye and acid? Nifty!
*beams* I hope it'll be cool!!

I used the usual Jacquard dyes and white vinegar for the acid. It was really pretty easy and safe. Knitpicks has a nice assortment of the Jacquard dyes for fairly cheap.

Thank you!
Those are gorgeous! That blue/green/violet skein absolutely sings.
I really do like how that one turned out. *grins* The other's very much a little girl/mermaid/princess type of color scheme, luckily, there's three little girls in the neighborhood that'll probably love them.

You dye such beautiful things. I like the second yarn colours best. I can't wait to see the finished product with the beads. Are you making a shawl or a lace scarf or something completely different?
Probably lace scarves. With beaded ends so that they'll actually hang properly. That's my only frustration with knitted lace is that there's usually so little weight to them that they flutter instead of hang. *grins*

Thank you! That second colorway is the one I'm most familiar with, so it was really fun to do...
The pictures made me feel very impatient. It's like just reading chapters 1-3 when you want to get to the end of the story. I'm looking forward to the pretty lace!

Swift healing to you.

That is lovely dye work! (And, eek, traveling soon!)

I hope that you get better soon! Sick sucks...
Totally sucks. Sick does. *laughs* As you well know. Guh.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the dye stuff! It should be fun work to take on the plane...
Those yarns are gorgeous! I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

Go coddle yourself and get over that cold!
I shall do my best. *grins*

Thank you. It should be fun to see what I can do...
No 'yarn porn' tag? *g*

Love those colours!! The idea of colourful beaded lace appeals to me, something a little different than the same old.

I'm almost afraid to think about doing my own dyeing... I have visions of my entire house covered in drying yarn and my husband tearing out his hair and begging me to stop. :p
*giggles* It's not quite as luxurious as the last set, as they're just merino. But, yeah, the newness of trying to do beaded lace was just... appealing this time through. I'll see how it works out. I might just do something simple like a feather and fan... then I don't have to think too much. *giggles*

XD Dyeing!! It's fun. And not too expensive, especially when you compare bare yarn to custom dyed stuff, and you get unique items out of it! John's used to my dripping skeins, now. *giggles*
*siiigh* Why must you be so creative and perfect? *giggle*

I particularly like the second bit of yarn. That would make a perfect shawl, wouldn't it? Do you have plans for it? *flails*

And my brother tells me (he's a doctor) that sleeping off a cold doesn't really work all that well (though that does work on the flu). Vitamin rich drinks are best along with some decongestant (if you're not averted to that) and maybe a humidifier. *nod nod*
*laughs* I don't think I could be creative if I had to be perfect. I tried that a while back and it just didn't work...

It should make a nice couple of scarves or stoles or something. It's a whole four ounces of lace weight. I'm used to most of my lace projects not taking nearly that much, but I'll have to see.

Oooo! Thank you for the doctor's advise! I couldn't sleep last night worth a darn and don't feel too bad anyway... and I've been guzzling the Airbourne, which seems to make me feel happier. Thank you!
Those are incredibly beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you make with them.

Solar Powered car, Cool! We have a solar powered walking robot that so cute, but my goodness is it fragile. I think we'd like the car better.

Are you going to Biloxi by yourself are are either of your men going with you? :D
Oh, yeah, the car's survived a lot of usage, even getting stepped on by a dog or two. *laughs* So I would highly recommend it's durability.

I'm going with the Bigger Man. He's good at loading up my tool belt and setting me up to do stuff, so he's always useful to have along.

okay... Plus he's the one orgainizing the whole thing, and did so last year, too, so he's better at it this year. Last year it was 40 folks, this year "only" 28; but it's a large enough crew to try and coordinate things with everyone, from plane tickets and hotel rooms and dorm rooms while we're working to all the food and transport between places.

The little Man is staying home with his grandparents who are up for half a week before the week we're gone and staying another half a week after. He knows that his job is to stay home and be okay for that week, really... and he was very brave and wonderful about it last year. He still says he doesn't like it, but that's to be expected, and he has invitations from nearly all his friends to come over and play during that week, so that's to the good.