drabble for irana: Waking Up

Title: Waking Up
Requester: irana
Request: Any pairing from any fandom that would fit the prompt "comfort". Fluffy please...
A/N: Ended up being Bleach's Hanatarou with Byakuya and Unohana making an appearance. Hopefully this one is pleasing.

Hanatarou passed out in the Fourth's break room, after returning from Hueco Mundo and saving Matsumoto-fukutaichou's life. He stirred when someone tucked a warm blanket around him and slipped a pillow under his head.

He woke up entirely, but kept his eyes closed, when slender fingers touched his hair.

"He is unharmed?"

"Yes," Unohana-taichou said. "He gave the healing his all."

"He was brave to follow me without an offensive ability."

"He's helped take out a Menos Grande."

"Really?" Byakuya-taichou low voice mused. "Hm... he is indeed capable."

That was comfort enough to send Hanatarou back to his well-deserved sleep.

And, yeah, Hanatarou does the taking out of a Menos Grande with Yumichika in one of the filler anime episodes. It was so cute! *giggles*
Yay! Sometimes it is!

I rather like Byakuya in the Bounto arc... *grins* I need to get through this small pond of filler and really get started on the anime again...
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ♥ You used Hana! & Bya! And squee, Bya gave Hana a compliment! A really, really, big one! *glee*

*clears throat*

So, um, yes... this... was just perfect! *glomps*
Exactly. So many people hate it so much, but...

I guess I'm a sucker for Hanatarou. *giggles*
*embraces the Hanatarou fluff* Wheeee! Oh you know I love the little guy, and I was so proud to see he'd followed Byakuya into Hueco Mundo. He's got guts!

I can't think of anything more comforting than having Unohana at my bedside, and having Byakuya approve of me would be... well, it would be utterly awesome.
He does!! Heck, he was willing to face a mad Byakuya on his own, and I don't quite think the Captain has forgotten that, either.


Thank you!!
*laughs* This was so cute.

I must admit to my own bemusement when it comes to Byakuya and Hanatarou. I often wonder what on earth Kubo was thinking to send those two off together into Heuco Mundo.

Still somehow is works. Especially like this.

*dances* Yeah, they're such an 'odd couple'. *laughs*

I'm glad this worked for you! Thank you!
Yay!! I love Matsumoto... XDD

And I think he's up to it! Hana needs more love. *giggles*

thank you!! So much!