Coraline and Gardening

Jet and John went to see Coraline with me yesterday. We needed a break from stuff and wanted to see a movie, but Jet wasn't all that sure he wanted to see it.

And I was unable to come up with a particularly convincing argument for going or against, but John mentioned popcorn. So that worked.

Afterward, Jet said, "Mom, I don't really know if I liked it. It was kinda scary." And then he thought a bit. "But I did like the very beginning and the very end."

I can say that if you liked the book, you'll like the movie, I think. The Cat, in particular, moved exactly as I thought the Cat should move.

So Jet also liked the fact that Coraline went back to save *everyone*. He figured out that that really was what he liked best. That even though things were really scary, she did it anyway really made an impression on him and he thought that that was really good.

I have to admit that when the Other Mother really came out in all her steely shiny goodness that I thought Jet would be terrified, as there was another kid in the theater who wailed, "I'm too scared!!!" and they left. But Jet was okay with that. I was the one that was scared *for* him, but he took away some good stuff from it, too...

I really liked the animation, as it fit the story and how I see the story and McLean's style that I so often associate with everything Gaiman, that I was delighted. I really enjoyed the garden and Coraline's take on it and the Other Father... It was definitely all the more amusing to see both Fathers after having met Gaiman.

I believe he wrote the book for his daughter. *grins*

There were a number of things that were different than the book, but mostly small details. I have to say that I remembered the cheese omelet from the book so vividly that when it didn't show up I only noted it. What they used instead made sense in the context. I have to say that I really loved the movie and recommend it with the mild reservation that an eight-year-old found it scary; but not too scary, so that was good enough.

I had to giggle far too much at the whole Mom hates the dirt bit. As I've spent the last few days digging in the dirt.

The green onions have come up, and the tulips and irises and daffodils are all showing green, so it's time to start getting the vegetable garden ready and start planting things like peas, onions, carrots, and the cold weather vegetables, even though some of the nights are still getting down into the 20's. But the one bed that housed the sugar snap peas from last year was rock hard.

So I had to dig it up. Peas and beans do nitrogen fixing, too, and rather than move the pea climbers, I decided to just move the, hopefully n-fixed dirt, as the position is perfect for sugar snaps. It's all south facing, but the furthest back so that the runners won't block sunlight for anything else, but can run above everything else to get the sun.

I had to soak it all with water, then use a pitchfork just to loosen things up, and then I dug out a wheelbarrow's worth of dirt, put it into one of the looser beds, and then transfered that much dirt from that bed into this one. Then added buckets of compost from our compost bins, and turned it. My whole upper body is now telling me that it was a lot of work. *laughter* I am so sore it's pretty funny... but it's good, as I've been only doing bicycling for a while, so it was good to spread the work around.

Today is blowing like crazy... but I hope to plant at least the peas, onions, and carrots in the next week or so, with John's parents here while we're gone, there won't be any trouble with watering. So that should be good.

It was kind of fun to get dirty again. I didn't do that much gardening last year, with the lung thing bothering me, but this year I know it'll be good for me, so I'll just go for it.

*laughs* My sister gave him the fountain pen he used to write Stardust. He used to go to MiniCon every year in Minnesota even before he moved to the US, and it was a treat to eat sushi with him and John M. Ford and Emma Bull and...

*shrugs* A long time ago... back when he was just an obscure comicbook writer. He and I are the same age. *laughs* My sister sees him far more often than I, and Jon Singer still has sushi with him now and again. And his house is old like in the movie, and a couple of my tea cups have glazing from the dirt in his back yard. *laughs some more at all the threads*

He used to just be a lyrical British writer that was fascinated with everything. It was fun to talk about everything and anything with him, *laughs* African gods, little and big dogs, death rites, mosquito parts, spinning straw into gold, and webs of data and thought and dreams...

Now he's kind of hounded by so many people and his fame that it's not just hard to talk with him, but it feels like intruding.
Nah. I doubt he'd even recognize me. *laughs* We weren't friends... just acquainted through the Con and a few mutual friends, that's all. But it was fun to talk with him a bit.

*laughs* It's okay to fangirl. I do. Certainly.

He is very cool.
you'd be surprised; Neil is the kindest, politest person I know, let alone the kindest, politest celeb and he remembers a high % of people he's spent time with. it may help that the first time we met I oiled his sunburn (which typically he had got falling asleep answering fan mail) but he's pretty much my definition of sweet&kind to people without being a pushover.

He is!!! I have to agree with everything you've said... I just... it's hard not to feel like I am taking advantage of him...

and it is a benefit to look nearly exactly like my sister, so he only really has to recognize one of us. *laughs*
You should check out maryb's answer below to your questions, too. He is a really nice guy.
I really enjoyed Coraline 3D! It was fun. My daughter wanted to see it, but Mr AD and myself weren't sure. We were all glad we went. Popcorn is always a good reason! XD
Yay for your daughter!! *dances about*

I'm very glad that all of you enjoyed it, too... Popcorn is, indeed, a good reason. XD
Lettuce and cat grass seedlings are up! No movement on the cilantro yet, though. Hmmm.

May put the tomato seeds in this weekend, depending on how things work out.
Yeah, I was thinking of when I get back from Biloxi for the tomatoes, they were so spindly last year... I wanted to get them into good sun in a greenhouse outside this year. I'll hope...
lol the idea of planting outdoors in Feb. You'd need a jackhammer to break the soil. Yesterday I shovelled the driveway.

(the spell checker just tried to tell me not to double the l in shovelled WTF? I didn't even know that was a Canadian/British thing)
It was snowing tonight... but probably not at all the same thing... *laughs*

Huh... tries the word as well. Huh. That's interesting... yeah, one l with this one, too. Swapped to netscape for a bit just to see what I can see, and yeah, I see the lines everywhere now. *laughs*
The Four Faces of Coraline
The movie was amazing, but the book was better, I felt. But I'm glad the world has both. And yes, Gaiman started it for his daughter Holly and finished it (10 years later) for his daughter Maddie.

Regarding going back even though it was scary, it's too bad the movie left out the memory of wasps, but I can see why it was left out.

The audiobook of Gaiman reading it is also excellent, as is the P. Craig Russell illustrated graphic novel adaptation of it.

There's also going to be a play version, which sounds very strange from the snippets I've heard, but will likely be very interesting in its own right.
Re: The Four Faces of Coraline
I'm rather glad that they left out the wasps, though the hummingbirds actually did quite well as a stand-in for just a single scene... to evoke that terror at least, for me.


Yes. I am kind of glad of what they left out, though very evocative in the book, it's a little weird subjecting my kid to my sense of what's good. *laughs*

Mmmm... yes, Gaiman's voice. *sighs* I'll have to look for that.

Neat to know about the play!!
I've got a few months yet before I can get to my gardening, but I'm already looking forward to getting dirty. :D

I liked Coraline pretty well. No one's perfect, no one's downright detestable from the outset, and it was very nicely animated.
Mmmm.. yes. I think that's an appropriate summary. *grins*

Yes, definitely getting dirty. *laughs*
Oh boy we will not be going to see Coraline. The monsters in ScoobyDoo used to give him horrifying nightmares. So we stay away from even the mild scary stuff for the most part, but there are a few inexplicable exceptions of shows he really loves with aliens and monsters. We just have to watch with him and keep a close eye on him.

Yeah for not only getting dirty but enjoying it!!! :D
Yeah, it's good to know a kid's limits.

Oh, I agree about the getting dirty part. *laughs* It's very good.

I NEED to plant the sugar snap peas... *laughs*