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... the desktop machine is back. HP sent it FedEx, they just gave it a brand-new mother board, and they did something with it to match the machine id as iTunes is accepting this as being the same machine. Whew. So I have everything back. *laughs*

*dances about*

And if anyone is as low-class as we are as to care, IHOP is giving away Free Buttermilk Pancakes tomorrow! *grins* It's actually a benefit for the Children's Miracle Network and local children's hospitals, depends on your IHOP.

Made bagels last night, and John and Jet boiled and baked them this morning. Tasty for breakfast and for lunch with leftover shrimp and hash browned leftover cooked potatoes. I tried to write but just couldn't. *sighs*

Instead, I gave blood to the roses, with Jet's help. Pruned them all back, it's a little late as I can see all the buds forming. Also got all the raspberries back to decent lengths, and the chopped down all the big growth on the cherry tree so that it looked a little more presentable. Then managed to plant the whole of the first vegetable bed with sugar snap peas, spinach, radishes, and walla walla sweet onions along with spring green onions. They'll all do fine in the cold, especially if they're all watered enough. Got that unique feeling of having thorns go right through my gloves and deep into my thumb. Whew.

I also managed to finish both this pair of fingerless gloves and a navy and cream linen and cotton hand towel for our former pastor, who used to do a lot of sermons about how real Christian spirit could be equated to the humility and capacity for usefulness of a cloth towel. And halfway through the first of the made-it gifts. We'll see how it goes.  I have crazy ideas for three others, but we'll see if I can actually have the patience to deal with beaded knitting, as I've never done that before.  Whew...

I also made up the dough for a King Cake for the Shrove Tuesday service tomorrow night. I may not actually go. I'm really overstimulated, socially, and getting to the point where I hate everyone and everything, including myself. But the cake was intriguing as a problem, and Jet really wants to have the free pancakes at IHOP tomorrow. So we'll go early and see if we can get us some free pancakes.

It's bizarre to have my music back and realize that nearly everything I now listen to is in languages I don't know so that they can't distract me from my writing.  It's really kind of nice, in a way, as it really cuts out the TV while John's watching things in the living room, but it's also interesting to figure out that most of my choices in music have to do with not putting me into any particular type of mood, but, rather, trying to let me stop thinking at all about "other" things.

It was funny to have someone tell me, today, that they'd seen my quill page from other things they'd done.  Made it fun to reread that page and remember what it was like to do it, and remember that I actually do have a dried, dead wing from a turkey in a closet now that I've had trouble carving feathers out of.  But the feathers really are the best I've ever seen, more solid and bigger and fatter than any I'd gotten from a hobby shop; but they're an astonishing pain to get out of the dessicated skin that they'd left on the wing to keep things together.

I finally pulled it together enough to play the very, very first Crash Bandicoot game with Jet.  We love that one, still, and he and I had a good time playing it for a while, and then he played it while I rode the exercise bike.  I'm at that point in my cold where it's mostly done; but my lungs are just filled with junk, and I know that if I do a little exercise it won't detract from my physical shape and can only serve to clear my lungs out.  Amusingly enough, since my doctor's appointment I've actually felt my lungs clear a bit more... I guess the exercise run I started before the checkup finally is starting to benefit me.  I should do more blow tests, as they were corresponding pretty well.

Dinner was just potstickers. We ate a whole pan of them, and then Jet did his homework. I got to get everything transfered from my laptop back here. I'm now really thankful for the briefcase functions on my memory stick, as it basically took everything I'd worked on and compared with what I had on the desktop and most of it was pretty clear which had changed and which hadn't, so it just did those. The two files that I knew had conflicts were easy to resolve, one was my notes file for Twin Souls, where I keep everything that I can't remember, including all the OC names and why I named them what I did; and that was easy to just compare and blend back together again.

I also moved a bunch of art and downloads that I'd been working with as well. So now John has the laptop to watch all the British TV Kathy sent him for Christmas. *laughs* So that's good.

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