Off for the Week

I'm off tomorrow morning at 6:45 am to head on out to Biloxi, MS for building duties for the coming week. I might have wireless in the dorm, so I'm likely to update here every day, as there's folks looking to see how we're doing out there; but I'm probably not going to have the energy to do much more. So apologies if I'm slow responding, or feel free to comment with a link if there's something you really want me to see.

I've been spending the last couple of days running around like a chicken with its head cut off just trying to get everything together for the trip... *sighs* But it's been good as the in-laws have been here long enough to get a good feel for everything that needs doing. Jet has school, so it should make it a little easier on them with breaks and stuff.

*hugs* See you on the other side.
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Thank you!!

I'll actually try and keep up with Touched the Sky as the moves are quick for me to write... *grins* And the game is at a very interesting place right now. It helps me get back into Jyuushiro headspace for TS, too.
I've been having a blast with the game! I'm intrigued to see where things go from this point.

If all goes well, I should be able to tag back tonight. I've had an unexpectedly killer schedule since Sunday.
Ooo. No hurry if you have a killer schedule. I'm have plenty to do these days. *laughs*
Safe trip and safe home. I am so glad that you are doing this and I know you will take care of yourself, even as you take care of the people around you.
Thank you!! I'll do my best... but I'll probably be exhausted by the time this trip is done. Still... it's good to try!!
Oh have a good time!! And no worries about replying to any of my comments. It's not necessary. It will just be nice to hear what you're up to.

Be safe, but have fun.
Thanks!! I'll do my best, but I have *fun* replying to your comments.

The folks here are pretty good about creating a safe work environment and have teachers to help out with how to do things.

I have fun writing, too.
Guess I'm the only one who has no idea what you're talking about but I hope everything will go well.
Sorry! Katrina, a huge hurricane that hit the US Gulf Coast a few years back, did so much damage that there are still a lot of people down here that don't have homes. I did this last year, too, and went down to the Gulf coast and helped people rebuilt houses with volunteer labor.

Thank you, very much, for the wishes!! Even if you had no idea what it was that was going on... *laughs* I should do more introduction work, then, on the entry...
Oh right, I see. A former friend did that a few years back as well, but if I remember well at the time it was more about gutting all the partially destroyed stuff. I hope everything goes well. What a wonderful thing to do for others.