Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Blade II

It's very comicbook/anime like! Very. Both likes and dislikes about that, but the style was very much anime ish with bits of American comicbook thrown in for silliness. There were elements of it that made me think of a really well plotted RPG, just a few.

There was one character that made me go, "ANGIE!!" Sweet, heart faced, vibrantly candy-apple red hair, small and cute, and I was very impressed at the decision she made when it was her turn.

So no spoilers. I think I liked the first movie for what it hinted at and left to the imagination. I think I liked the second movie for its bare-faced attempt at live action anime, gore included. I was uncomfortable about the parents who'd obviously had no *clue* what the comicbook was about and exactly how much violence their kids were going to see when they decided to bring them into an R-rated movie. My problem, I know. Still, it seemed a bit much for seven and eight-year-olds to grasp, and some of them sounded pretty scared and unhappy about some of the events in the movie.

John and I watched it because I really, really wanted to, and Jet stayed home with grandma and grandpa, and it was really good to get out and do something we just couldn't have done with Jet.

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