St. Patrick's Day Birthdays

Goodness. I know that in any group of people, there have to be some that share a birthday, but FOUR on This Day?!?

Happy birthday to cosmogonic and bloodthirstylt! I've come to know you two more recently, and it's been a pleasure. I hope you have a great day. *grins*

Happy birthday to Shini!! Though I know her better from her keikain alias, and she helped me out with the ins and outs of Bleach and other fandom stuff back in the beginning of last year, along with shadowgirl and Megan...

And a very happy birthday to tallcedars, whom I've known since the 1980's... we've shared teddy bears and lots of stories, a mountain bike ride, and a ton of email older than some of those that read me now. *laughs* I hope you have many more good birthdays, tallcedars!!.
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You're very welcome! And thanks so much for welcoming me way back when. *grins* The speedfics were fun...
We just had a birthday dinner celebrating my niece, daughter, father-in-law, and one other birthday.

I read this, and the song from Camelot goes through my head... which isn't right because the relevant month would be June, which causes this mental shift as all those medievally-dressed youngsters prancing around behind Gueneviere to morph into high schoolers fleeing a school building behind Alice Cooper.

Which is, I think you'll agree, wrong. Yet.
Wooo... that is a LOT of birthdays all at once.

*giggles* And yet...

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*hugs back warmly*

Glad you go the gift you wanted.. *grins* And the two things done.
Thank you!

Sorry for the much delayed response. I, umm..., lost Internet access for my birthday. Very embarrassing for a once-upon-a-time computer scientist (and quite annoying, too). Never trust Qwest. It may be years before it's back, outside of coffee houses and really, really slow dial up (19.2kbs).

On the other hand, the new house is beautiful. It's great to be here, except for... (see above)

*hugs* (and one from Limarick, too!)


Woah, that is seriously annoying. *hugs you and the bear* Sorry that happened,but I'm glad that the house is good! And I do hope that your birthday was good otherwise.