Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

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St. Patrick's Day Birthdays

Goodness. I know that in any group of people, there have to be some that share a birthday, but FOUR on This Day?!?

Happy birthday to cosmogonic and bloodthirstylt! I've come to know you two more recently, and it's been a pleasure. I hope you have a great day. *grins*

Happy birthday to Shini!! Though I know her better from her keikain alias, and she helped me out with the ins and outs of Bleach and other fandom stuff back in the beginning of last year, along with shadowgirl and Megan...

And a very happy birthday to tallcedars, whom I've known since the 1980's... we've shared teddy bears and lots of stories, a mountain bike ride, and a ton of email older than some of those that read me now. *laughs* I hope you have many more good birthdays, tallcedars!!.
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