Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


Ah lace, how I do love knitting you and then I get so obsessed with you...

I was thinking that the Ice Queen cowl was All I Was Going To Do, and I'll admit that in the very back of my head, something was saying, "Oooo... nice warm-up. What are we REALLY going to do?"

And, of course, then I stumble across this. (make sure you scroll all the way down to the last picture). Imagine getting that for $21 plus your own work.

I even have sea glass beads and the other yarn I'd dyed at the same time... and now I'm contemplating what that might look like if it were over-dyed with black once it's knitted, given how the Raven Clan turned out, or just start with the lovely silk-merino that's recommended, as I really did LOVE working with that yarn on Gabe's mitts, and do the dyeing with lots of vinegar in the dye bath as I like variegated knitting far too much.

But I need another big lace project like I need a bullet in the head; but that back part of my brain is scoffing But this pattern is *easy* compared to what you've done in the past. What are we going to do after this?
Tags: knitting, lace
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