Ah lace, how I do love knitting you and then I get so obsessed with you...

I was thinking that the Ice Queen cowl was All I Was Going To Do, and I'll admit that in the very back of my head, something was saying, "Oooo... nice warm-up. What are we REALLY going to do?"

And, of course, then I stumble across this. (make sure you scroll all the way down to the last picture). Imagine getting that for $21 plus your own work.

I even have sea glass beads and the other yarn I'd dyed at the same time... and now I'm contemplating what that might look like if it were over-dyed with black once it's knitted, given how the Raven Clan turned out, or just start with the lovely silk-merino that's recommended, as I really did LOVE working with that yarn on Gabe's mitts, and do the dyeing with lots of vinegar in the dye bath as I like variegated knitting far too much.

But I need another big lace project like I need a bullet in the head; but that back part of my brain is scoffing But this pattern is *easy* compared to what you've done in the past. What are we going to do after this?
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The shawl is gorgeous. And you're crazy to contemplate doing it. 3.75MM needles? For something that size? Insane, you are.

Although it would be gorgeous in that yarn.
*laughs* I've done about a dozen shawls with 3.75 needles, they each took about a year out of my life, but... yeah. It is something big. At least this time I'm not spinning the yarn as well.

And, yeah, it would be gorgeous in that yarn.

*laughs* I'm certifiable anyway... after having done my phoenix sweater-coat with 2.75mm needles.
I find it mildly amusing that the two keenest knitters in my friends' list are both going through a 'lace phase' at the moment. You're both doing some really lovely things.
*grins* I think it's spring... and warmer climes and so lighter knitting appeals... or something... but, yes.

Glad you like the musings!
I have to agree, and add that for me the "surf" aspects of the edging appeals immensely...
*grins* I'm glad you like it! It's... *laughs* It's pretty straightforward, actually, no mixing of lace panels and other things, and the pi shawl pattern makes the increases really simple by doing them all at once in concentric rings.

I'm thinking of how I can change it, already, to accommodate the yardage and attention span I now have. *laughs* But yeah... I'm afraid I'm hooked.
Dammit stop pointing out things like this! I'm trying to get the house ready to sell! All the beads and laceweight are away!
I did, at least, get my mother's merino stripes shawl back out. Dead simple, but the yarn is gorgeous.
That's good, then. It's good to not pack away ALL ones obsessions. Dead Simple is sometimes very, very good.
*falls over* Those are so beautiful. Both the cowl and the shawl. Go for it!
The cowl's nearly done. Yay! Just binding off the last edge... whew. If you look an entry or two back you can see the mid-project shots.

The shawl will be... hmmm... amusing. *grins*
Pretty, ne?

Funny thing is, if I knit it I'll probably give it away as I don't wear things like that. *laughs and laughs*
Lol once you start, you can't stop! ;)

It does look very pretty though, the beats are absolutely gorgeous in it, too!
It's so true. I never seem to be able to knit just ONE....

And, yeah, it is very, very pretty. *contemplates some more*
Goodness that cowl is beautiful and that shawl is just gorgeous. It's so classy it makes me think of presidental balls or something. Good Luck! ;)