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I've watched The Watchmen, Kill Bill 2, read five books of Fullmetal Alchemist, and spent nearly two days playing Onimusha 2 before I realized that the latter is something I usually do doing depressive cycles, when my brain won't let go of something in the background and some part of me is desperately trying to overlay something else on top. Violence and adrenaline or endorphine-charged usually works best, and that worried me a little...

Until I woke up Wednesday morning with a really bad headache and it just got worse... okay, I was a little hung-over from the Mom's Night Out on St. Paddy's day and I never do THAT either; but Jet had had a cold in the previous week where he got a big fever and headache for a day and then just coughed and hacked his way through the rest of the next week. I was so relieved that it was just a cold that I couldn't believe it. MUCH better just feeling physically down from a cold than the depressive cycles.

I celebrated by watching four episodes of Haibane Renmei and Spirited Away and reading old issues of Scientific American. I guess it wasn't depression, it's just that I'm in full-speed input mode and knitting and biking on the exercise bike as I watch and read.

Watchman was cutting edge when it first came out way back when. It's now... not that, but also not generic either. I had one mom go Oh oh!! I love superhero movies! And Watchman is so pretty!! I tried to dissuade her from it and warn her, but... *shrugs*

It still left me unsatisfied in many ways. It's pretty, it's plot twisty, it has some pretty remarkable characters; but it's always odd for me to sympathize with Rorschach the most, who is probably the most sociopathic and yet...

and yet...

It was good. It wasn't something I loved any more than the original graphic novel was. I can appreciate the artistry of it, but not the heart of it.

I loved Kill Bill 2 all over again. I liked it better than the first movie, but I think it's because of all the Chinese/Hong Kong movie homages. *laughs* I can't say it isn't as over-the-top as the first (especially after seeing all the Mythbuster episodes dealing with various bits of the movie. I can't say it isn't as gory as the first, as it clearly is good and graphic in many instances. But maybe it was just more... believable for me. The stories in it gripped me harder than the vengeance blood-fest of the first.

But maybe it's because I now know, gut deep, what it means to have been pregnant and to be a mom.

Dunno, though.

Ran through books 11-16 of Fullmetal Alchemist and I really love how it's all developing. The foolish prince that turns into something else, how Roy Mustang got his ambitions and motivations, all the things the boys learn from adults that let them know everything there is to know; and more depths to the stories of the doctors and Scar. I like that Edward is amazed by what the adults will tell them as kids. I like that a lot. I also love how Edward never, ever takes "impossible" as the final answer. *grins*

Haibane Renmei and Spirited Away were good comfort.

Onimusha 2 has been fun to play. The motion is driving me nuts though, as it's all relative to the character himself, rather than to me, and that always makes me a little grumpy. I see how it's related to Devil May Cry in how the play, the fights, and the art works. But I like the story better and how the characters interact. I love that last bit, especially the giving of presents that result in other presents that go to other people and so on until they give me stuff I really like. It's really funny but I get all amused and embarrassed when I give pretty things to the girl character.

It doesn't hurt that Kaneshiro Takeshi is way cute. *laughs*
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