Index of Spring Drabbles

Just so I have them all collected in one place. A little writing spring house-cleaning, I guess. From all the prompts from my guessing game on my sketches. These are all 100-word drabbles. Yeesh, this is bigger than I thought it would be.

"Favorite Story" -- G -- For nannete "Urahara. Ururu. Bedtime story". I brought in not only Bleach but Battle Angel Alita as well.

"A Woman's Place" -- PG-13 for blood -- For r0ck3tsci3ntist "Unohana, Jyuushiro, and Shunsui alone, as in no witnesses/ the role of women in battle/ UST." Bleach.

"Refinement" -- PG for language -- For chuchacz "Renji seeing Kenpachi's scars" Bleach.

"Rest" -- NC-17 for graphic violence -- for xshelaghx "Haine in all his insanity." I did this with help by gogoangelgunboy. Dogs.

"Taking What's Yours" -- PG-13 for violence -- for incandescens "The Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle mob landing in the Bleach universe, for instance . . . anyone seen a feather?" Bleach and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

"Reflections" -- PG for the angsty -- for akuni "Kougaiji, prompt 'shine'" Saiyuki

"Both" -- PG for the fluffy yaio -- for akuni "Kougaiji, prompt 'shine'" Saiyuki

"The Safe Heart" -- PG for death? -- for morgainelefae "Something tense and even a little angry with Jyuushiro and Byakuya" Bleach

"Tastes" -- G -- for sophiap "Jyuushiro and Kaien cooking" Bleach with the ghost of xxxHolic hovering about

"Maintenance" -- G -- spoils Chapter 344 of Bleach manga -- for evanelric. "Ishida Uryuu. Something slashy. 'Pride' is your prompt."

"Warmth" -- PG for language -- for bloodthirstylt. "Ukitake, Shunsui and a blanket" Bleach

"Waking Up" -- G -- spoils through Chapter 335 of Bleach manga -- for irana "Comfort -- fluffy please".
That's what happens when you offer to write for people and they want you to write for them. :)
I have to remember that, sometimes. :-)

This was an excellent way to remember that. Whew. Thank you for the lovely idea.
Yay! I'm glad that it makes it easier! Been trying to sweep drabbles into bins. *laughs*