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Ceramics, Doubloons, Socks, and Writing, Oh My

Finished Jet's socks and he does, indeed, like them very much.

My Iris bowl, the last I saw, was going for $60! Not bad for a bowl. *laughs*

I bought some New Orleans "recycled" doubloons, aluminum coins minted by the various krewes with the krewe names, themes for the year, and I even got one special one from the Bacchus to match the necklace I'd found in the street. The detailing on them is astonishing.

And I got a picture of a plate I'd done for myself to use a while back and finally got a photo to put up.

This is Jet in his new socks. He got up this morning and when John pointed out that he had new socks he was really happy that Mom had finished them for him. They're a little tight on him just above the ankle and I have a few feet of yarn to deal with that with. So I might be able to without taking them completely apart, but I'm really not liking the Afterthought heels on these, and am thinking of taking them apart individually so that I can actually put them back together so that they can fit.

For all that knitting two socks at the same time is kind of appealing in one sense, in another sense it's damned slow. I don't like the way the 'knit two yarns together to dye them' dictates how the *sock* is knit after, and I'm hating it equally as much on my own socks, so I might rip those and pull it back and make balls out of the yarn like the "ramen" yarn I've seen which was dyed the same way, but the processor actually takes apart the post-dyed yarn and balls it into two separate balls so that they can be dealt with anyway the knitter likes.

The great good thing was that Jet really liked how the colors turned out, and he ended up saying that he thought it turned out a lot better than he'd first thought it would. I'm glad.

And after having read so much about them, I spent $12 (including shipping) and got 50 "recycled" doubloons from New Orleans. They're "just" aluminum coins minted by the krewes and thrown by the folks in the krewe to the crowd as they go by. On the left, the black one on top is from one of the Knights of the Bacchus Krewe, and the purple one is from the Queen of Thoth. The detailing on the coins is remarkable, some showing sailing schooners, the state of Louisiana, some showing whole cathedrals, some showing a scene from Space Odyssey 2001. They are really pretty and shiny and I loved all the colors as well as the detailing. They're from as way back as 1968, but the bulk are from the 70's interestingly enough.

The "recycled" aspect is that they simply ask for New Orleans folks to recycle their doubloons with the store rather than just throw them away. I may give some of them away as they're just fun, to random folks for random reasons. *laughs*

This is the picture of my Iris bowl actually at the Empty Bowls auction. We went to the lunch on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. I got to find Jet's bowl and take it home for my own, since mine was in the auction, and Jet really wanted a little oven with a lid for his 'bowl'. John got one that had a huge MOUTH for the inside and a guy's face on the outside. I bid on a number of bowls as well.

What really kind of gratified me was that this year, the "Buy it Now" price was $75! Which is rather a lot for a mere bowl. *laughs* So it was fun to know that I actually kind of contributed to the value of it, and that the price that was last bid on it was even above the "what it's worth" price of $50. I was pretty happy about that. It did, however, amuse me that they wrote "Columbine Bowl" on the bid sheet, when the central flower looks nothing like a Columbine, though some of the fuchsias on the side might be mistaken for them.

The soups were great! I had a sweet potato crab soup and a clam and seafood chowder that was chock full of good stuff. And then we all had ice cream at the end, as Glacier was doing the ice cream for the event. Since all the food was donated and all the utinsils and everything was donated, every single dollar that came in for the event went to the OUR Center. So that was very good for them.

This last was prompted by George, when he was here, saying that I should do a bowl that was just cherry blossoms, as I'd done this plate just for fun when I was with Jet. He and I went painting last summer, just to have a fun day together and give Dad a break for a day. Jet did a pumpkin candle holder in bright orange, and I did this and we use it every day. I really do like how the black glazes worked, and I do love being able to use a gray that has exactly the same consistency for the far-away branches, and I mixed the red and white on the brush for the blossoms themselves. The sparrows are like the 'fat sparrows' I'd done in the painting a while back but with the glaze I had much better control of how they didn't run. *laughs* And they turned out well, I think.

I do like cheeky sparrows.

I'm limping back into my writing. Just poking at old stories to look for a warm up to get back into the Ukitake family visit, and then throwing the warm ups back on the back burner to just do the Ukitake visit. Perhaps that's what a writer really is... someone that writes no matter how they "feel", and once I got a few words together the flow came back. That was nice to do, especially after the encouragement from just pulling all the drabbles together.
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