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Three days ago the high was 72° (22° C). This morning we woke up to 6 inches of snow and more coming down. The predictions for the last several days has been that there might be up to a foot of snow; but the predictions also said that the snow wouldn't fall for real until 6pm tonight. *laughs*

It is, of course, a snow day. And Jet's home building an ENORMOUS Lego kit we gave him for Christmas. Whew.

I am amused that his biggest worry was about the fact that he might not be able to return his library books for Spring Break.

There's a whole foot of it out there now, and the wind's picked up and we can't even see the neighbor's house for how much snow is blowing around.

I was depressed. I probably still am. I think it's a combination of a lot of things. Mostly just tired, still.

Some of it having to do with being so useful and busy for the whole of the Biloxi trip and coming back to lots of small things that needed to be done, but which weren't as 'important' to me. It's the old difference between 'urgent' and 'important', and I'm frantically shoveling things into the void. Some of it is also having to confront the fact that my medical condition isn't getting that much better with what I'm doing now, and I need to do make more physical effort and it might not make a difference. Some of that was because when I was down in Biloxi, my breathing was not any better this time. Unlike Florida or South Dakota, where my breathing got markedly better.

And it's not like I wasn't doing anything physical to improve my lung capacity there, either. *laughs*

I had to confront the breathing thing because someone recommended a chiropractor to help out, and I had to figure out if I could afford the whole venture. And it's definitely helped my range of motion and some of the problems I had after Biloxi, but I'm a little wary of relying on yet another thing that I'd have to spend money on, when I know that part of the base problem is just something I can do, which is get up away from the keyboard more often.

Some of it has to do with the economy and lots of people having a hard time, and my own degrees of uncertainty.

I'm climbing out gradually. Focusing a bit more on Jet and John helps, focusing on doing whatever exercise I can has been interesting. *laughs*

I went to the grocery store yesterday on my bike, as the storm hadn't come in, yet, but was hovering over the mountains. Big clouds that were hiding the peaks behind the foothills, which was really different than usual. Since it was a west wind, it nearly blew me the whole way to the store. I needed baked beans, a few other canned things, butter, frozen cinnamon rolls for Jet, and apples. I ended up buying a little Scottish oatmeal, too, as I was intrigued by it. It turns out to be stone ground oats, not steel cut or flattened, but actually ground. Wow.

It ended up being about twenty-five pounds worth of groceries, that managed to fit into my backpack, and then I rode home. Into the teeth of a 25 mph (40 kph) headwind... that was the real work out for the day. Felt good to get into it and not be able to think of anything but the next pedal forward. Basically inched home on low gears.

In time to get dinner put together, and then we all went to Jet's Seussical, which is a musical based on Dr. Seuss books. The whole second grade was doing the musical and the 1st grade did "the Sounds of Music" which included the sounds of Peter and the Wolf and other songs as well as two songs from The Sound of Music. They did really well, and it was fun watching them perform and interesting to work with Jet through his pre-performance nervousness and then have him be really happy and jazzed after the performance. He found out that he really liked doing the performance and that it seemed like it was really, really short.

He enjoyed his ice cream after. So that was good. And now I'm really glad we took the opportunity to go out and have ice cream before the snow hit. Today we're not getting out to do anything much. John went to the OUR center, to do his day shelter work, and he's anticipating a huge rush today. Though given how much snow has already fallen it might be hard for folks to get in for their supplies today.
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