The Most Frustrating Thing in the World

Is to have a song lyric appear whole in my head while I'm driving... and by the time I pull over, and find the cards and the pencil, it's gone....

... evaporated... and to still have the tag line of it haunt me, tease me, like a single silken thread of hair from a muse that's long gone to history.

It's been a couple of decades since I wrote lyrics for a band that didn't really go anywhere, but... it's so not like poetry (more like verbal sudoku for me) or prose (which I can march workmanlike through and just go back to fix)... songs are like butterflies... fragile, whole with the music of it, or not at all.
Do you have anything already that can record? Keep it in the car!

I have a lovely mental image of the muse, too.
Oh! Yes! I should have just sung it into my celphone as it has a recorder in it... next time. I'll remember next time...


*hugs you*
That happened all the time when I choreographed dances and still happens when I do improv at the piano. Although I have near photographic memory, my auditory memory is not the best... XD

Wow. Neat that you get that many chances at it...

I need to get back to playing the piano again... that would probably help. Wow... good reminder! Thank you!
Ack, omg, I hate when that happens!
I don't know if you're the same way, but I can usually only get thoughts like that out with a pen&paper/keyboard, since speaking them aloud makes them disappear faster.

My sympathies. The taunting hint of what might have been will fade. There will be other lyrics *hugs*
Exactly!! I can't talk about stories, either, because some part of my brain goes, "Well, I've told that story, now I don't need to write it anymore" Or something like that. *laughs*

*hugs back* There will be. Whew.
I've never had that happen to me with lyrics, but recently it's been like a plague with me writing scenes in my head while driving the kiddies or while showering and by the time I have a chance to write it out, it's all gone up in a wisp of smoke. So, I totally sympathize.
Ouch... Yeah... exactly that.

You have my sympathies as well. I hope you get to catch some of those again!!