5 am Train

The boys and I are taking a train out of Denver tomorrow morning for a three-day visit to Glennwood Springs. So we have to be up and out at 5:30 in the morning. Whoof.

I have no clue if I'll have access while I'm gone, so I'll be slower than usual. But it should be a good break, and there are real, natural hot springs that folks can go soak in. So I should have an experience that I've wanted for a while anyway. AND it's snowing up there, so... it should be fun.

I'm downing Airbourne like there's no tomorrow, maybe I'll get better if not *well*. *laughs*
Hot springs are fabulous!! Have fun, take pics, eat lots of awesome things that will make me jealous. :D
*giggles* they were really fabulous! I'll have to get the pics organized tomorrow. *grins* And the eating was... well... it was good. I'll do details in the morning, I think.

But thanks!!
I'm jealous!!!! Not only there are hot springs, but we're talking about the world's largest outdoor hot spring POOL! (Too bad their slide will not be open just yet...) Love Glenwood Springs! It's only 90-minute car ride for me, so it's a killer mini-vacation spot for the family.

It snowed here on the Western Slope. It was a freezing snow and wiped out all of my ornamentals, including my Japanese cherries. *waaahhhh* It was 70 degrees during the day yesterday, this morning, 29... *_* Spring in Colorado is nature's menopause.
Yeah... Colorado springs are so hard on some things...

29! Eek.

It was definitely a WONDERFUL mini-vacation. I'm very glad that you recommended it as well. *grins* Yes!! Jet really, really loved the pool and he wondered if the slide would be open at all.

We'll have to go back when the huge slides open, and wow... that theraputic pool was *wonderful* Definitely good for the family and the food there was great as well. *happy sighs*
Oh you lucky woman! Hot Springs WOOT!!

Hope you're having a great time and not thinking about us at all. :D
Hee! Yes.

It was wonderful... and I managed to stay off-line as much as possible. *giggles*