Quick Update

I am using Jet's tiny XO with the kid-sized keyboard as the boys have pre-empted my laptop to play "Mutiny', an on-line strategy game of pirates while we have some connection while waiting out the snow storm and getting on the train to go home.

Trains are not for those in a hurry. We were scheduled to get here a 2pm on Monday,but didn't actually arrive until 6pm, due to snow, a derailed car from another train, and a traffic delay. Due to the storm this morning, it should be 'interesting' getting home, too. But the ride itself was beautful. Should be nice with all the snow going home, too.

More snow has fallen than I would have expected on a Spring Break, but this IS Colorado.

The springs turned out to be a 90 degree pool nearly a block and a half long, and a 104 degree 'therapy pool' that smelled of sulfer and felt *wonderful* especially in sub-freeezing temperatures with steam obscuring all vision in all directions. We had an all-day pass, and took advantage of it happily, especially for the after-dinner soak.

More details when I can actually get at the text files I kept on my laptop. I've mostly tried to ignore my cold, except some waiter made a Doc Holliday reference after one coughing bout. I was surprised to find that he actually died in his bed here in Glenwood Springs when the sulferous fumes were bad for his lungs. Interesting thing is that as bad as I sound, breathing hasn't been as much of a problem as I feared it would be.

Real connect isn't really going to be until tomorrow, but it's been a good break. The brew pub attached to the hotel has been really good.
Whew, another snow storm on the way home, but we didn't slide anywhere. *hugs warmly*

They were amazing... and Jet wants to go back, so that's a win.
Wow, it sounds so nice there! I'm glad to hear that you had a good time and that nothing bad happened because of the snow. (I'm so surprised to hear of a snow storm happening this late in the year, but maybe it's different for you because there are mountains in CO?)
It's different for us because March is the snowiest month here, and April is the third snowiest. So we get most of our precipitation in the spring, and the weather here veers about wildly this time of year.

I once characterized Seattle as nearly all Spring and Fall. Colorado is all Winter and Summer, either 70 degree days or blizzards. *laughs*

I love your icon. *is very envious*

But yeah, nothing bad from the snow...
Oh, so this was your first time to Glenwood Sprgs. Hee, since you live in CO, I assumed you'd been there. XD

Yep, playing the "steam man" is fun as you come out of the hot pool into the freezing temperature. ^_^
*giggles* We've only lived here since 1999, and since our families are in San Diego and Seattle, most of our vacations weren't around here, really.

So we're trying to change that a bit and go for small adventures closer to home. But, yes, it was our first time! And now we're pretty convinced we'll do it again, sooner rather than later.

Jet LOVED being a "steam man"!! *giggles so much*
Haha, I knew someone who lived in Seattle for 10 years and never visited the Space Needle until she moved to Indiana. XD I know what you mean.

Ever been to the Black Canyon in Gunnison, CO? It's very different from the Grand Canyon, but the rock formations and the cliffs are breathtaking. And, the Mesa Verde ruins near Durango -- that's another great mini vacation on the Western half of the state.

"Steam Man" rules!!! XD
Exactly that!! *laughs*

We haven't been to Black Canyon, either! And John wants to do a Four Corners run sometime, and try to take in a lot of different things. I'll forward these ideas to him. *grin*

It does!! Jet had such a blast! *grins* Especially when the snow was falling and he was so happy about being able to swim in the snow.... *laughs*