Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Quick Update

I am using Jet's tiny XO with the kid-sized keyboard as the boys have pre-empted my laptop to play "Mutiny', an on-line strategy game of pirates while we have some connection while waiting out the snow storm and getting on the train to go home.

Trains are not for those in a hurry. We were scheduled to get here a 2pm on Monday,but didn't actually arrive until 6pm, due to snow, a derailed car from another train, and a traffic delay. Due to the storm this morning, it should be 'interesting' getting home, too. But the ride itself was beautful. Should be nice with all the snow going home, too.

More snow has fallen than I would have expected on a Spring Break, but this IS Colorado.

The springs turned out to be a 90 degree pool nearly a block and a half long, and a 104 degree 'therapy pool' that smelled of sulfer and felt *wonderful* especially in sub-freeezing temperatures with steam obscuring all vision in all directions. We had an all-day pass, and took advantage of it happily, especially for the after-dinner soak.

More details when I can actually get at the text files I kept on my laptop. I've mostly tried to ignore my cold, except some waiter made a Doc Holliday reference after one coughing bout. I was surprised to find that he actually died in his bed here in Glenwood Springs when the sulferous fumes were bad for his lungs. Interesting thing is that as bad as I sound, breathing hasn't been as much of a problem as I feared it would be.

Real connect isn't really going to be until tomorrow, but it's been a good break. The brew pub attached to the hotel has been really good.
Tags: travel

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