It Amuses Me...

... that I heard about the Iowa Supreme Court decision during the Sharing of Joys and Concerns part of the service to day. It was named as an abiding joy and everyone applauded the striking down of the One Man One Woman makes a marriage clause of Iowa law as being in violation of the state constitution.

Also Vermont's lawmakers... whew. Go them!

I hope they can override the veto. Interesting that the state Senate passed the same-sex marriage bill 26-4...
I'm in NH, so I'd better keep an eye on When This Comes Due for voting, 'cause I'm all for consenting adults being able to get for-real married if they wanna!
Hope hope hope hope hope....

That would be SOoooo cool if you two get a real marriage in October!! *dances about*
Go, Iowa! *cheers* Now if only California would get its head out of its collective ass and overturn Prop 8... *sigh*

BTW, are you a UU? (I ask because, as far as I know, we're the only ones who call it "Sharing of Joys and Concerns.")
Nope. I'm UCC (United Church of Christ), which Garrison Keeler called "Unitarians Contemplating Christ" and he's not too far off, we're awfully close to Unitarian Universalists (which I'm assuming is what your UU is for?)

This is pretty much all we talked all day Saturday. Roarke and I lived in Iowa for a number of years and while the campus life is fairly liberal, Iowans on a whole tend to be mostly farmers and small business owners.

We are still totally shocked, but immensely happy. If Iowa can get their act together the rest of the country might soon follow.

I am still so incredibly happy I could bust a gut!
Exactly!! If the mid-West leads, everyone's going to get there eventually.

*dances about*