Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Finished Knitty Things

Finished a few things in the last few days. Some of it on the train, some of it just waiting while Jet did stuff...

Another pair of Noro fingerless gloves that I made from the same ball of yarn and they look utterly different. *laughs* But they're pretty and warm and thick and should work out nicely for ginnyvos. I do like the color changes, and didn't exactly like or dislike the knot in the middle that made the purple repeat. It was a nice, quick knit, and I enjoyed it a great deal.

One amusing thing is that Jet has worn his new socks ever since he got them. I only wash them at night, and then he wears them and wears them every day. The nice thing is that the yarn is so thick that there's no *way* he's going to wear them out.

These are the socks from the dyed blank I made a while back, with big diagonals of green and purple and black. It's kind of fun seeing that the two socks are pretty much identical. I rather like that... but the 'design' is a little chaotic. I think it would have been a little better if I had kept the black to just the borders between colors and not added the diagonals in the middle of the two colors. The interesting thing is that I have plenty of yarn for two sets of my size socks (I don't like cuffs that much) and might even have enough left for a pair for Jet. He's kind of ambivalent about having a pair... but said that he wouldn't mind. *laughs*

And it turns out that Knit Picks has a merino silk lace weight with the same yardage as their sock weight blend that's called out for that Shipwreck shawl. I might want to do the lighter version of it, as the beads I have would fit that better...

Gah. What am I doing Planning for it?
Tags: knitting
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