Christmas Me

Finished Knitty Things

Finished a few things in the last few days. Some of it on the train, some of it just waiting while Jet did stuff...

Another pair of Noro fingerless gloves that I made from the same ball of yarn and they look utterly different. *laughs* But they're pretty and warm and thick and should work out nicely for ginnyvos. I do like the color changes, and didn't exactly like or dislike the knot in the middle that made the purple repeat. It was a nice, quick knit, and I enjoyed it a great deal.

One amusing thing is that Jet has worn his new socks ever since he got them. I only wash them at night, and then he wears them and wears them every day. The nice thing is that the yarn is so thick that there's no *way* he's going to wear them out.

These are the socks from the dyed blank I made a while back, with big diagonals of green and purple and black. It's kind of fun seeing that the two socks are pretty much identical. I rather like that... but the 'design' is a little chaotic. I think it would have been a little better if I had kept the black to just the borders between colors and not added the diagonals in the middle of the two colors. The interesting thing is that I have plenty of yarn for two sets of my size socks (I don't like cuffs that much) and might even have enough left for a pair for Jet. He's kind of ambivalent about having a pair... but said that he wouldn't mind. *laughs*

And it turns out that Knit Picks has a merino silk lace weight with the same yardage as their sock weight blend that's called out for that Shipwreck shawl. I might want to do the lighter version of it, as the beads I have would fit that better...

Gah. What am I doing Planning for it?
Yeah, it's the pounce attack that disorients me now and again. *laughs*

Thank you!
Oh, very nice! How was the fingerless glove pattern to work with? I need to make myself a pair for the office for when summer hits. Yes, summer. Apparently the comfort of the computers is more important than the comfort of the people.

I like how the socks turned out. Too bad there's no easy way to see what they would have looked if you'd left the black out of the middle of the colors. That said, I do like the say the foot changes from purple-green stripes to black-green and back again.
It was really, really easy, but I cast off right after the cable row so that it wouldn't curl as much at the top. It's nearly enough like stockinette that it has a tendency to curl more if one actually follows all the instructions. I also didn't bother with the picot bind off.

Goodness. The A/C must be *fierce*

Mmm... yeah, I do like the overall color changes quite a lot. I will have to try it again sometime. If *only* I liked the quality of the yarn Knit Picks put in those blanks better. It's their superwash/merino sock yarn, which splits very easily and is rather... thin, I guess I'd call it. It has very little body to it, and while it stretches well, it doesn't feel like it'll hold up all that well.
If I didn't know, I'd say the fingerless gloves were made from 2 entirely different balls of yarn *grins*. I like random things like that and the colours are simply gorgeous. I also like the funky pattern on the socks.

You know you're going to do that shipwreck shawl *nods*. You mooned over the patter (which is very pretty) and mentioned the beads and now you've picked out appropriate yarn to do it in.

I think you're crazy (but in a good way) and I look forward to seeing the finished product.
Me, too. I love that they are kind of random... yay that the sock colors worked, too!

Yeah, I am going to. (laughs)

Probably stick with the US 4 needles rather than go any lower. It'll be interesting...
The fingerless mitts are so pretty. I still haven't made myself any. Socks can be as chaotic as we please. They only show when we want them to. XD
So true! *giggles* Do you want a pair of the mitts for the made-by-me thing? Or would you rather fic? Badou? *laughs*
Oh, wow, I love the socks. I have a bunch of knitter friends that would love to get their hands on yarn like that. The fingerless gloves are pretty, too. I'm more of a fabric person, myself, but I definitely appreciate good knitting. ^___^

I have a hat with pigtail holes and a matching "hug" (connected sleeves) with mitten cuffs and thumb holes that a friend made for herself and gifted to me when they were a tad too small. They're dark orange and mustard wool knit doubled. I love them.
Knit Picks has the sock blanks for those green and purple socks. I just dyed them myself... *laughs*


The hat and hug sound really, really great! Comfy...
Oh those fingerless gloves are totally awesome! Would you be willing to add a pair of those for me to the order of socks for my boys next fall? I absolutely adore the color of those, but any multicolor would be fun.

hehehe I want to see that shawl, *if* you decide to knit it. ;)
Totally. They'd probably be $10 to cover both the cost of the yarn and making 'em, but very easy for me to do...

*grins* I think I'm dooooomed... but it would be perfect for summer knitting anyway.
Just say NO! It's okay really. I don't want to doom you to getting behind on writing fic. ;)
*giggles* It's not you.

Really, I am just doomed to knit it, but it'll be a nice knit when it's too warm outside for doing all the heavier stuff. And Size 4's are better than the size 2's or 3's I used to use on my shawls. I've done Pi shawls, before, and since the outer rings are with the bigger needles it'll go much faster than most things that size.

Ooooh fingerless gloves.

I've made myself a set of utterly ugly fingerless gloves by hacking up a pair of socks. Hey, it works!

I love the stripeyness of the socks.