Ever since Spring Break, the three of us have been on a Lego Batman Binge.

Jet and I went halvsies on buying the game, used, from a place on Amazon, so we got it for $20 with all the docs and box and everything. It was very nice indeed, and all three of us are loving all the options, levels, stories, things that we find, puzzles that we're doing.

This morning I had the oddest dream of an orbitally launched truck container that was coming down out of the sky and about to hit the designated area in the ocean fairly near where Jet was building a sand castle and I was just sitting and enjoying the sun. It was entirely safe and utterly magnificent to see this huge thing flying through the air; but I'd heard rumors that when the containers hit the sea, they stir up stuff from the ocean floor and the stuff attracts fish, so seagulls were getting into the habit of following the containers as they came down in order to feed. Of course, they had to get out of the way when the next container came, but... well...

And, indeed, there were five seagulls trailing the container.

I started yelling for Jet to LOOK! Do you see that! Etc.

Jet is silent, so I keep yelling, and right before the moment of impact he turns to me, upset, and says, "MOM! I'm LOOKING!"

And, of course, we both miss the moment of impact...

There are times in the game when I tell him to look, and it doesn't *sound* like he's doing anything, and so I keep repeating myself and then he does a spectacular move, and I get mildly abashed. I've been apologizing to him, but I get the feeling that I really should *stop* with the nagging, and just say it once if I need to and do it as a question so that I get the feedback I need.

Okay... So I was playing with my tablet and it's a LOT easier to color with it than with the mouse and a lot easier on my hands as well. Whew.

shaded Ichigo

I rather like what I'm getting... and I should keep doing small stuff, I think, as I jumped into coloring someone else's original character with a LOT more shading and anatomical things I don't know very well, yet, but I'm getting there... but it was getting discouraging because it's such a big thing. So doing this helped me get out of being grumpy.

Okay... on top of hiddengems loving the Silver and Black stories, and a random person who read Lion Dance popping up with a private message to say that they were sharing the story with other lion dancers, and that they'd been *impressed* with my knowledge of martial arts and tradition... *blink blink*

YAY for writer-fu, where I can actually impress an actual practitioner.
Well, you do your research well and write convincingly. Praise is deserved. :)

Also, nice eye. Very Ichigo. Very determined.
*beams* Thank you.

I appreciate that you feel I write convincingly as well. Wow. Thank you.
It's really nice to get acknowledgement like that when you put so much work into researching. You did a great job with that one, so it was well-deserved!

Your Eye of Ichigo is looking at meeeeeeeee... eek! :D
It was very, very nice to get that acknowledgement. Whew...


I'm starting to figure out shading... it's nice to study the art of those that I really do like. to figure some of it out...
Oh I loved the coloring for the Ichi piece. very nice.

So cool that you are getting writery acknowledgments. You totally deserve them. :D
*blushes thoroughly* Thank you, so much!!

Yay! I'm glad you like my bitty bit of Ichigo...

Now I need to figure out a Byakuya and Tenpou bit for a thumbnail on Y!